Tuesday, Apr 2 - 12:29 AM

I find that life can be complicated or simple and I like simple. Simple is more peaceful and I like peaceful.

I also like happy and I am happier when I am not stressed over something. I feel like it is my job to keep myself out of stress. I can do that better when I am centered and staying present to the moment, not regretting anything in the past nor worrying about anything in the future.

Tuesday, Apr 2 - 07:51 PM

It seems to me that getting things done is a whole lot easier when I am centered and grounded. It seems like things are easier when I am happier. It seems to me that I save more time when I am thinking more clearly.

I find that whatever I want to see happen, the stronger my focus on that something, the easier it is for me to accomplish it. Life is good, and that's ok with me.

Wednesday, Apr 3 - 10:40 PM

Life is a privilege. The more I stay centered, let go of
interruptions, and be at peace, the less stress I have to deal
with. I love learning the answers to life's mysteries and sometimes that means taking on life's challenges.

I keep reminding myself that the key to life is balance. Holding life's challenges in a more stable mindset, goes a long way in living happy.

Thursday, Apr 4 - 11:15 PM

I find that clearing out all the clutter I have accumulated over the years is doing a lot for my increased energy. I now have energy available to do those things I really have wanted to do for a long time. For one reason or another, I haven't taken the time to do these things previously. The kind of clutter I am talking about is not only the physical clutter from a move I made a few years ago, but all the mental and emotional clutter as well. To get rid of the clutter is very freeing to me. It's great and I am grateful to see it all go. YIPPEE! :)

Saturday, Apr 6 - 10:36 PM

It is nice to be getting back to "me" for a change. I have had several years doing a lot of things for others and I'm glad I could, because it was really important to accomplish those things for them. In doing a lot for others, I couldn't always do that in balance. Without the balance, it would become exhausting to me. Thank goodness I was able to weather that storm and I am getting back to me again. And me is ok. :)

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