Monday, Nov 4 - 06:12 PM

What I am finding in my life right now is that hardly a week goes by without me discovering a new awareness about myself. This is especially true when I discover something I thought all my life was one way, and on that day of discovery, I realized a whole different truth about me that I never realized before. This is great when it turns out to be something that is great about me that I never knew before.

Then, when it turns out to be something that is not so great about me, I have to stop and give that some thought, and decide how I am going to have the courage to change to make it all better than it ever was. That is a challenge, except for the fact that I know that is what I arrived on this planet to do. Keeping that in mind, I get excited about the thought of change, because another word for change is growth.

Tuesday, Nov 5 - 09:30 PM

I am so glad I am finally getting more organized. It's about time! :) I have already lived many lifetimes (it feels like)being disorganized. Now, I plan to have enough time to live a lifetime of being organized. YIPPEE!

Wednesday, Nov 6 - 02:30 PM

I have been experiencing a lot of "a-ha's" this year on things in my life that I thought, for almost all of my life, were one way, when in reality, they were so different than what I thought. With all these new discoveries, I get to live my life differently to take in all the better choices. Sometimes that's easy, and other times it's not. It certainly makes for an entertaining life these days! :)

Thursday, Nov 7 - 07:02 PM

It's hard to believe this year is just about over. I reflect on what I did and didn't do this year. I can see that it was a hodge podge of many good things. I probably know more about "Living Rich" than I have ever known before. I think awareness, acknowledgment, acceptance of my truth, and action on those most important things were key. In this understanding, maybe next year can even be better. . . . . .

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