Monday, Aug 4 - 04:42 PM

I have noticed that when I try to do something I don't really want to do, trying doesn't go very far in getting things done. However, when I can put a systematic plan of action in place to purposely get something done, then a lot more gets done.

Tuesday, Aug 5 - 08:04 PM

I keep reminding myself, for the sake of continued greater understanding, that different people have different perceptions. I was helping a lady in the Midwest, when two different people had two different points of view on a situation. One, I had a strong reaction to it, and that is unusual for me to get that unnerved about something like that. Then I got an entirely different point of view from another person that was 180 degree turn from the first person's point of view. It's interesting that they were both right in their point of view. The mixed behaviors of all the players were different which caused different end results.

I'm reminded one more time, that I want to continue to get all the facts before I jump to any conclusions, no matter how convincing those facts do sound. It's interesting to contemplate. What I know for sure is, I have the privilege to keep learning life's lessons, and I'm grateful for them all.

Thursday, Aug 7 - 12:05 AM

I keep realizing on an on-going basis that I can only help people with their issues when they want them to be different and are asking me to help them. Notice that I said, "When they" want things to be different for them. I do keep remembering that, and I know when and if I forget, something on the down side happens to me to give me a friendly reminder. Then I shape up, and get back on track.

I'm really not interested in the down side. Frankly, I'd rather remember it in the first place, and skip all that interference stuff. :)

Thursday, Aug 7 - 07:03 PM

I find that I don't believe people as much as I used to. That sounds like such a negative concept, but I'm not talking about bad people here, that I can't trust. I'm talking about good-intended people, who don't always know what dysfunctional behavior is. I'm seeing more about what that is, than what I recognized from my past understandings, because I've taken the time to dig a little deeper myself to find out more about what that really is.

The more I find out, the less time I want to spend in it. There are certainly better ways to spend my time. I find that awareness is a good thing, and acting on it is even better.

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