Tuesday, Jun 2 - 02:04 PM

I find that life can be complicated at times. I believe the complications are all related to the lessons I came here to learn in this lifetime. So, to me, it's a waste of time to be upset about these complications, so I've decided to accept what is, live in the "now", not worry about the future, and forget the past except the lessons of truth that I can learn from the past. I still like the idea of gratitude for my life's lessons.

Wednesday, Jun 3 - 05:21 PM

Life can certainly have its rough edges, but I've learned more about not letting those rough edges cut me where it hurts as much. Learning how to let go of everything that's challenging, and hard to take, makes it a whole lot easier to accept, and live with more "happy". It's possible, and I'm glad to be learning more about how to do it. . . . .

Thursday, Jun 4 - 01:13 PM

I've learned a lot more about how to accept the life's experiences that I don't like as much, by letting go of the need to have them so different. I find that making the best out of things instead of resisting them, makes for a higher quality of life for me.

Friday, Jun 5 - 02:55 PM

I find that I'm really good at looking at the differences in others without value-judging them into categories of right or wrong. I can look at a situation, not agree with others, and still not put them down, or make them wrong. It makes for higher levels of understanding that help in strengthening relationships in my life.

Saturday, Jun 6 - 09:08 PM

I find that when I'm being challenged in certain environments, it's better to ask questions than to resist the other person's beliefs. Asking questions seems to cause more favorable conditions than when I forget to do that.

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