Sunday, Jul 9 - 01:00 PM

Anyway, the second point of getting rid of ďoff habitsĒ according to the Daily Guru, is that you are not one whole person. You have thousands of different personalities within you, each trying to be the star of the stage. Each one has the function of making sure you do not look within. The ego is terrified that you will look within and find the Truth.
I can identify one of my personalities as overweight. The Daily Guru says the key is to not identify with this personality. I must rise above it. I wonít say I am overweight anymore. Whenever I see myself as that, I am to bring myself into the present moment. When I do that, I donít give the overweight personality any power. I do not identify with it which withdraws its power to stay alive.

I would have never figured this one out on my own. I am grateful for the insights of The Daily Guru. The philosophy here is that the overweight personality can only exist in the past or the future, but never in the present moment. Sounds good to me.

He said that when I do this on a continual basis, the suppressed negative energy that lies below hasnít got anything to help it stay in the unconscious. It then rises up to my consciousness where it will disappear forever. I will find more energy to devote to being more creative on reinventing my healthy body instead of struggling to hold down the destructive energies.

Monday, Jul 10 - 08:42 AM

The Daily Guru said the following: ďThis is why most people feel like they constantly have a battle going on within them. Itís like holding down an inflated tire under water. Itís a continual struggle. You must let the tire up. Once you have let go of the battle within, you will feel tremendous relief come over you. This is true liberation.

I certainly recognize the battle, a battle I have had since I was 7 years old at baton twirling camp in Syracuse, Indiana when I was the youngest kid at camp and the high school girls called me Butterball. It was fun and I smiled, but I think that pretty well solidified my perception of self--a self that I would have preferred to be different.

Tuesday, Jul 11 - 07:09 PM

I wonder. . . . . . .what if I can instill in me my total safety and that there finally is nothing to fear in my life. I am finally convinced no one is out to hurt me nowósome of this took about 25 years to get over it. Thatís huge because many times in the past, I was hurt.

When youíre going through it, it seems like you are a victim. I was walking the beach having a conversation with someone and they said of course there are no victims, only volunteers. I laughed and said I really liked that one. Somehow, I had never heard that one before even though I would imagine it has been around for years.

It seems to my logic that if a need for protection doesnít exist, then the need for extra weight doesnít exist either. I can work on my belief shift processes to change that at deeper levels.

Wednesday, Jul 12 - 09:57 AM

What if? . . . . . I think it is important to keep asking that question all the time in order to evolve to that higher level of consciousness. What if there is no longer a need. We know that where there is no need thereís God---thatís a Revelation.

Years ago I went to CA to get away from other peopleís opinions. I was too sensitive to what they thought. I was raised that way to care. Nobody taught me the boundaries and if they did, I didn't get it. Itís ok to care as long as you donít take it too far.

I know I took it too far most of my life. No more. There are boundaries for me now to being used or taken advantage of. I learned how to set those boundaries by leaving home and traveling west to a beautiful place. I took off to go find myself. I needed to do this because almost everything I created in my life was engulfing me with prejudice, judgment, demands to be something in their opinion that wasnít really me.

It is pretty clear to me the "they" weren't doing it to me. I was doing it to myself. And that is perfectly ok because that is how we learn. In fact, having realized that I am excited about the things that weren't working for me instead of being upset about them because the experiences have brought me much further than I would have been without them. Now that's exciting! Don't you think?

Going back to the experience so I can get it straight. There was not the consideration of my opinion. What a bummer way to live. I think humanity as a whole fights everyday for what they have perceived in their mind of what freedom would be for them. Unfortunately in some kinds of consciousness, our need for freedom is in reality just another form of imprisonment. That's what I found to be true for me.

The pattern recreates itself in various areas of my life until I choose to stop creating different forms of imprisonment for myself. There are all kinds of prisons we are capable of creating for ourselves until such time we decide deep in our heart of hearts that we donít need them anymore for the lessons of truth they teach us or the low self-esteem elements we need to get rid of.

I have to wonder why humanity does to itself what it manages to do to itself. There has got to be a better way out there somewhere that starts in here someplace.

I am here at a vortex in my life where it all comes together for the good of all!! All I have to do now is be willing to accept it and all the magnificent things that will come out of it. I am open to receive it. For that I am thankful. Thank You Father! And so it is.

Saturday, Jul 15 - 12:37 AM

I was reflecting today on an incident in the early 90ís and was thinking about the lessons I learned from it. I was working with an incompetent secretary that was inexperienced and found myself in my own fragmented environment not getting done what I wanted to get done.

Often when these things happen itís not about bad people. Itís simply about the wrong person in the wrong job doing the wrong things.

As I think about how I have allowed so many things to block high performance, it could get down right depressing. I know the truth of that which is enlightening.

I know all these barriers have pruned me back into more strength. Itís hard to feel good about all these interruptions that I created for myself, but it brings me to the place in life where Iím meant to be.

I remember Emmanuel said, ďWho you are is a necessary step to being who you will be.Ē I felt going through what I did brought me to where I was meant to be.

I have weathered storms to become more clear, succinct and assertive with strength. I will no longer tolerate foolishness around me to go on so long before I put a stop to it. I see the importance of boundaries that bring clarity.

Thatís the way I can move things ahead. I am here to teach people to live fulfilled lives. That will never happen for people unless they are held accountable with integrity and congruency. Role-modeling accountability is important so more people including myself succeed at life.

Funny thing about life- - - -the more we know about life, it just seems like we're more responsible for it.

Goodnight . . . . a reflecting soul reflecting. . .

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