Sunday, Jul 16 - 04:25 PM

So often everything in my world is great and I stop and say to God, ďGod, Iím taking a snapshot of my life right now and everything in it and I want it to stay just like this for a while so I can take a breather.Ē Please help me do that! :-)
Life is pretty easy when everything is going right, everybody in my family is doing great and they donít need me for anything. What a view this is! I like it like that and itís a ďGood Thing!Ē

I honestly think that the reason I have so many blessings is because I thank God everyday for my many many blessings. Being grateful is another good thing and it feels good.

When the deadlines are done and everything is complete, it is fun to just Be. Just walking the beach, enjoying the beautiful flowers, watching the sailboats, looking forward to water skiing again on the bay, seeing the surfers on the ocean, watching the volleyball matches and the kites flying are all simple things and so beautiful.

It is the simplest of things that carry so much beauty. I look forward to the day that every day is about ďBeingĒ and I am still getting the doing part of my life done with ease. I am there a lot, but I think that ďBeingĒ happens at many different levels.

For all these things, I am truly grateful.

Monday, Jul 17 - 08:40 PM

I am excited because my birthday is this month and I celebrate it every day for the whole month. Just celebrating your birthday for a day just isnít long enough to have special fun celebrating your own life so I take the whole month. Itís a lot of fun. Life is good!

Also in the month of November, which is our Thanksgiving month, I like to call people throughout the month who have made a difference in my life and thank them for what they did to influence my life. It is a great way to touch base with old friends and be grateful for the many blessings that are mine. Life is good!

I am also going to do some special things I have put off for over 20 years. As simple as it is, I am going to read my diaries that I found when I was a kid. That ought to be interesting. Itís been a long time and I will probably be able to go down memory lane while Iím at it. Life is good!

Tuesday, Jul 18 - 06:53 PM

Sometimes things just donít turn out the way you want them to. Thatís just the way life is. There are the disappointments, the wishes that things were different, the unpleasant surprises that happen and things just get down right tough.

I have found you can get to a place where nothing is going right so you figure nothing else will either. Life throws you a ringer and itís just not fun.

I think there were a lot of ringers in America for many that came out of the election. When people put their heart and soul into something and it doesnít go the way they want it to, it can be a real heartbreaker and it causes a lot of sadness.

My chiropractor, Dr. Glenn Frieder, told me once when it gets to an uncomfortable place, what you have to do is take your faith deeper. You have to trust your faith and know that in Romans 8:28, all things happen for good for those who believe.

I do believe everything is in divine order and things do happen for bigger reasons than we can understand at the time they happen. If I didnít believe that, I honestly think I could drive myself crazy.

If this is true, it seems like the logical conclusion is to go deeper in faith before the pain happens so you learn your lessons of truth up front and it then becomes unnecessary to go through the pain. This works for me. I think this idea is a great idea.

Now, the challenge is, can I keep remembering it?

Wednesday, Jul 19 - 02:36 PM

Sometimes life can be as wonderful as a bowl of cherries---sweet and cheery! I was able to celebrate my birthday ALLLLL Dayyyy Longggggg. It lasted forever and wonderful things happened all day long. I thought all the fun would NEVER end! Yippee!!

I appreciate a terrific day like this one because they are not always this great. I think it is important to take advantage of wonderful experiences when they happen, be grateful and never take them for granted.

I went to a spectacular brunch at the Hotel Del in Coronado, CA. It is quite a place to spend a birthday!

It doesn't get much better than this: every member of my family called me to today: kids, grandkids, mother, a cousin and friends. It was lots of fun.

I love life, but it is extra special on a day like this. So, all is well in my world. Thank you, Spirit! :-)

Thursday, Jul 20 - 02:23 PM

Boy, when it rains it pours. It just seems like everybody, everywhere needs me for something and I am just one little o me. I know I have to pay attention to life. I know I need to draw boundaries, but when you really care about people, itís hard to do that sometimes.

I can see into peopleís lives and there is no question in my mind how I could help them if I jump right in and do it. Unfortunately, if I really want to help them, it is best for me not to jump in and start throwing around advice unless asked. I am pretty good now after learning the hard way not do that.

I watch myself and others experience what it is we are to experience and in those experiences I have found rich lessons of truth. I am too tired to even want to remember all those lessons right at the moment. All I know is that there are many.

I can help people more by asking them questions. I think I am just going to keep on doing that and skip all the advice giving for a while.

Saturday, Jul 22 - 02:23 PM

I have made a new declaration. I have looked at the lessons that my Higher Self wanted me to learn and have made a decision to proactively ďTake Charge of My LifeĒ.

Lessons are many to which I will add to this list as time permits, but for now they include, first and foremost taking back my Power that has been with me all along, but I didnít know how to execute it because of the other lessons that were needed to know how to do that.

Other lessons to reflect on are related to the following fears: fear of loss, loss of security, loss of control of my environment, rejection, making a mistake, making sure I had reviewed every single detail to make decisions, criticism, making the wrong decision, not being fair to all and the fear of losing my good health.

In one felt swoop I declare all of these issues eliminated as of right now and so it is.

The best way to evidence the changed conditions in order to realize the lessons learned is to take action on all old projects that were initiated years ago that continue to produce the negative emotional load in my being. These projects are the effects of the causes continue to show up that I set in motion years ago based on my own lack of understanding.

I am taking the initiative to bring every single one of those conditions to a close right now with a total commitment to all costs of time, energy and money to do so. It is truly time for me to do my dream, my passion and my commitment to fulfill my purpose on this planet here and now as I move forward with my life.

I will immediately take action on all necessary steps to bring closure to the past mistakes and evidence lessons learned by proactively initiating all that is necessary to bring closure to those conditions so there is no life in them to activate new problems relative to the old lessons that were not learned up until now.

It is time to break the cycle in all of these things. I have made the decision to do this and so it is! This change changes my life as I continue to change my mind, body and soul and so it is!

Respectfully submitted by Me. . . . .

to myself, my Higher Self and all the Angels who have brought me here through all the trials and tribulations to get my attention in order to teach me what I was to learn. And let's not forget God and Jesus, the Christ while we're at it. They had their influence along with what I have learned from Buddha, Emerson, Thoreau, Einstein and other great masters. For all of them and many more not mentioned, I will be eternally grateful.

The spiritual exercise to be installed here for all of this to work is simple:

Love me as I am right here today no matter what I don't like. Forget the past, love it, bless it and LET IT GO for it was a necessary step in order for me to get here. The here is moving life ahead with a new level of awareness with the courage and strength it takes to make momumental change in one more person I truly love and hold dear on this planet. And that person is Me! Me! Me! like the T-shirt said that was expressed by Tigger and Pooh Bear who are also my teachers along with the other masters.

Every experience is the lesson so what is all the fuss about? That means that we never need to be worried about it but concerned enough to take action to make necessary changes to move forward in our self expression in life. And so it is! Thank you Spirit!

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