Sunday, Aug 13 - 05:55 PM

I was sitting in a meeting when John said "there has always been a hum of misery going on in my life but now it is changing". That really got my attention because to me he pretty much described the human race.
I think the whole human race has got a hum of misery going on as a general rule. In one sense I can understand it, but in another sense, when we live in such an abundant world, why do we as a species insist on messing it up?

Fear runs rampant in our minds and our egos. Thatís one of the reasons we mess it up.

All of lifeís experiences including all the suffering, disappointments, hurts, pains, the all of it, are designed uniquely for us to be able to see our lessons of truth. We come here to the earth plane to learn about our true self and the incredible power that we have to contribute to good.

The most important thing we can do is get quiet enough in the storms of life to listen to our inner wisdom that is always there whether weíre clouding it up with a lot of mind and ego noises or not. Our Inner Wisdom does send us messages all the time whether weíre ever conscious enough to receive them or not.

The Christian world celebrated their beliefs about Christ, the resurrection and what it symbolizes. Jesus the Christ suffered on the cross for all of human kind and surrendered as he did it forgiving all those who killed him.For me, the whole concept is symbolic and applicable to life today.

I decided, based on the resurrection concept, why not surrender all of my past lifeís experiences that werenít working for me? Why not let go of everything and everybody including myself for the things I did and they did that werenít working?

I donít any longer need the emotional clutter that I carry about the past and its sadness and disappointments.I no longer need 80% of the physical clutter I have kept hanging on to out of fear of lossówhat if I need that someday type of thinking.Thinking about the past too much or even the future too much is carrying extra mental clutter that runs interference with moving my life and business ahead right now. So, whatís the point of hanging on to all that either?

It is about living in the now and not letting my mind go wandering around on unnecessary things like I allow it to do and even encourage it to do by agreeing to participate. I donít have to participate. I can consciously make choice about that and I would have to say that only this year have I begun to see what that really means.

I had a glimpse of that throughout my lifetime but not enough of a vision about it to really get it and keep it. Now I get it at a higher level and I believe as I practice that principle, it will get better and better. That is something to look forward to because I believe that is a key to avoid suffering and creating unhappiness for me.

The more I stick to dumping my mind out on the sand, the more relaxed I find myself to be regarding everything. I know it to be true because I am more consistent about this than ever before. It is quite freeing if I might say so myself.

Monday, Aug 14 - 08:09 PM

I have been doing a lot of reflecting on life these days. To begin with, two mothers of two best friends in high school have passed away within the last 60 days. These are people I grew up with, were close to my heart and I have a lot of respect for. It saddens me to see them leave us, but I know that making transitions is all a part of life, but that doesnít necessarily take away the feelings of loss. I am blessed in that my own mother is alive and well. For that I am grateful.

Another thing I have been thinking about is how we in our own nature so often complicate our lives instead of living simple. So, I have continued to get rid of one box of junk after another to clear the way for more wonderful things to enter my life. I am looking forward to that and have noticed that when one door shuts another one does open.

As I clear out boxes that have been around for a long time, I notice that I have more energy to do more wonderful things. I know that as I have cleared physical things, emotional and mental things get dumped too and that really makes for a better state of mind.

I know I am good at putting myself into mental prisons that keep my energies locked up in places they donít need to be locked into. We can create co-dependency relationships all over the place or we can make different choices and have freedom written all over them.

I also find that when I clear my mind and dump out as many details as possible, or donít even think of things that donít concern me, I live more free and clear. It is possible.

It takes just a little bit of conscious effort to think clearly enough to learn how to not think. Thinking gets us in as much trouble half the time as anything I could think of. So I am practicing shifting my mind from looking at all the details and just coming to conclusions on things quicker without the need for as much information. I think it is working better and I am staying more in the present now with these kinds of ideas.

Tuesday, Aug 15 - 04:33 PM

I feel good about everything that is going on--even the little things that arenít that exciting. I have less clutter in my life right now which is a very good thing. I am capable of having emotional, physical and mental clutter going on, but right now I have been able to keep it cleared and under control.

I continue to protect my Sacred Space. I am grateful for that. I wrote out a whole plan of action on things that I want to get done, cleared more shelves on my desk; I know whatís all there and am clearing something out of my space every day.

Clearing my clutter on an on-going basis creates a lot more freedom for me. And I like that! As I continue to clear the clutter, I find that quiet time to myself is another positive factor to add to the mix. It makes for happier times.

To keep my emotional clutter cleared, I find as long as I pay attention to my feelings and can get in touch with them, that is not that hard to do. I just watch my whole body reaction to things and ask myself, ďWhatís going on here?Ē When I get quiet enough, the answers do come.

As I continue to eat right, all the toxins in my body are saying bye- bye so my brain is keener too. Life is a lot more fun that way. :-)

In meditations, I find that logic and my reasoning Mind go to sleep. What a blessing! Insights and understandings come to me instead.

What I know is that I can get in touch with my Higher Self, source my most exquisite choices and decide what I am to do about things without drama and dealing with extremes.

I am glad I know now that when I am listening to my Higher Self, itís all right there within me. That source can be subtle when I am listening and it can be dramatic when Iím not. And whoís creating the drama? I am.

Wednesday, Aug 16 - 05:18 PM

Giving Myself Permission to Live!

I have the right to live it the way I want to---good bad or indifferent. There is one slight catch to this whole system and that is I will also have the privilege to reap all the consequences as well, which will all be good. Good does not always mean I will like them. They are what they are to support my lifeís lessons.

One thing about lessons--I keep living them over and over again until I get them. I donít think I am the only person in town that does that. :-) It seems to me like that is a human condition across the board. When I really get them, I can move on to newer other lessons and all is in divine order working toward my highest and best good.

What I noticed in all of these discoveries is that the back pain I have been dealing with lately has subsided a little bit. I know the stretching on the physical level helped and I believe the shift in awareness and consciousness made a difference as well. Interesting thing to notice. . . .

Awareness traveling--when I open myself up to the free flow, I can experience the flood gates of peace working in my life. It is rather incredible really.

I am being open to doing exactly what I want to do and all this info is coming to me with no effort. No efforting is where I want to live it, thatís for sure. I do enjoy working less and accomplishing more. I know that is possible because I am consistently doing it. I just need to remind myself to keep doing it. It certainly is a better way to live instead of working so hard all the time.

I am finally living in ďthe zoneĒ. The new cable is up and running and the music is wonderful. I really feel at home.

I believe early programming set many of us up for competition, achieving - hurry or someone else would get it and we knew nothing about pacing.

Now, I am pacing. That means to me that every aspect of my life that I want changed is evolving and I have no compulsion as to when that is accomplished. I know now what has to be cleared to do what I want to continue to do in my life. I am adding patience to the ingredients of my lifeís cake and the baked cake wonít bake until itís Divine timing says it's time and I am listening to the timer messages from my Higher Self.

I have defined all the compartments in my life and I am enjoying every one of them. None of them are that complicated. They donít have any incomplete energetics around them now. That makes a major difference for sure in my results and living with ease.

Today was an incredible day because I gave myself permission to live my life the way I wanted to. Also, the past is not of any concern. I have thrown away all my stories that used to sustain me. Now there is no place for them in any of the compartments except the good news in them.

Life is simple if I let it. Itís complicated when I make it that way. I see humans as the one species on the planet that truly doesnít know how to live it with ease. That isnít all bad because in all of our mistakes, that is the system through which we learn what we are here to learn. Itís amazing to me sometimes how incredible that paradoxical enigma is. Itís truly amazing!!

Once we understand it, we can stop fighting it and start living it. We have the capacity to do so, but again, we, through our humanness, so often choose to mess it up. I know that I am perfectly capable of doing that. Well, the mess up is one of our ways to learning it. Interesting isnít it?

Thursday, Aug 17 - 07:32 PM

What is down right amazing to me is that in reading some of my journaling in 1995, I am faced with some of the same challenges today. I guess that old saying "Some things never change" bears a lot of truth. :-)

I have had some fun reading some stuff I wrote about in March of 1995. How is it possible that was 10 years ago? I wrote what I need to do now is get real clear on what I want and then simply take the necessary steps to get there.

Reading past journals can show us how far we have come too. Reading some of the old stuff is laughable too. In February of 1995, I wrote that I wanted the computer cleared and backed up and I learned how to reinstall a single file. I am all set because I made a decision about what I wanted and took action on it. There is no question about it. Want>>>>Decision>>>>Action.

Today, I have an external hard drive that has mirror technology that takes 15 minutes to back up everything on my notebook and if it crashed, it would only take 20 minutes to reinstall everything and start where I left off because it doesnít require reinstalling all of the programs---what a time saver!

Wow! Life is made easier if we could just appreciate it. Sometimes we can and sometimes we canít.

I wrote in February, í95 I am at peaceóthis is the lifestyle I loveóworking at home, bringing people to higher opportunities in their lives. I have the space to be free and meditate and Be. Well, like I said, some things never change.

I got in meditation that what I am to do is expand my capacity to receive more, clear out all the clutter completely off the cocktail table. Do it all now and donít drag it out. While this was written 10 years ago, I couldnít resist looking over at my coffee table today and at least it was organized piles instead a huge pile of stuff not sorted. So I guess improvement is part of the game of life as well.

Life does go on no matter what. I had a sweet potato that I kept not eating and eventually it had about 4 buds on it where pretty leaves started growing so I decided to put it in a container of water. It started growing roots on the bottom and more plant leaves on the top. Then I decided to plant it out on the balcony which I have never done before.

I called a friend and she told me how to best do this in balcony-living and now I have about 12 planters growing sweet potatoes. It is amazing how well theyíre growing. So life goes on and is a constant point of change.

I have had so many changes in my life in the last 3 years since my dad died that sometimes I wake wondering if I am even close to being the same person I was. The fact is, Iím not; so who am I? I just keeping wondering and observing. It has been an intriguing journey to notice all the changes and wonder where is it all going? Life is good!

Friday, Aug 18 - 02:57 PM

Ever since I was ten years old, I remember looking in the mirror into my eyes and saying there is something bigger than I understand right now, something way bigger than me. There was something called the universe that was so immense, it was unimaginable.

I was interested in finding out more about that universe and what it really meant. I was interested in finding out what my life was really all about. I have no idea how a ten year old could be interested in such a thing, but I was.

Now, we have many children on the planet who are so tuned in, they are wondering about it too. The difference between me and them is that they understand it a whole lot better today as young as they are than I did way back then.

In a way, not much has changed with me. I am still wondering and there have been times in my life when I wondered so much that I believe it got in the way of me staying present to the moment and just flat out enjoying life as it comes up each day and plays itself out.

I decided a couple weeks ago that I was going to go down a different path for a little while and go on a new journey. Instead of figuring everything out, I was just going to get up each day and live it. I was going to stop thinking so much because if anything, I would over think things to the degree that I was out of balance with that. I will use self talk to stop thinking about the past.

One thing about not thinking so much is that it is a lot easier to stay present to the moment which is a healthier way to live life. I catch myself when I start thinking about the past and wished I had done something differently. I will catch myself thinking and worrying about the future and I will self talk myself out of it.

It still remains a fact that the philosophers of all time say to stay present to the moment. It makes sense to me and sometimes is easier to do than other times. Itís easier when things are going good than it is when things that are happening that are a challenge.

I continue to practice staying present to the moment and I am doing a much better job of it now than I have done in the past. I think I am going to keep doing that because I am a lot less stressed and we like that. :-) In fact, between about 6 massages a month and staying present to the moment, I guess I am doing all right--certainly better in the stress department. And so it is---another thing to celebrate in my life.

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