Sunday, Aug 27 - 06:11 PM

I am having so much fun being reminded that giving attention to my intentions really increases the impact of me either learning new things or getting a lot more things done. Instead of just casually doing something, I have been giving things in my life more thought and becoming more decisive on a lot of things right now.
The intensity of my intentions seems to be playing a much more than slight impact on my life. It hardly ever fails that when I make up my mind about something, it takes on a life of its own and great things happened. Also, these things more often than not seem so connected.

An example of this was this weekend where I attended the National PTA Convention in Columbus, OH where a friend of mine was installed into the Presidency of the organization. While there, I met a chiropractor who told me about the ph Factor and how it impacts good health and prevents may kinds of diseases. It is all relative to Dr. Morterís works.

Previously I had made the committment to join in on a webinar on metabolic eating for weight loss. I was only half-committed to that for some reason and along came the ph information. It is more in keeping with what will be best for me in my overall weight loss endeavor.

My intention was that I would drop several pounds by the end of the year. That intention started the ball rolling. I had already signed up for the webinar and was intercepted by a better idea, the ph Factor information.

Another important piece was, minor point-major difference, the chiropractor reminded me that my language is so important. Instead of dropping several pounds, letís focus on creating an optimal healthy body where all the systems work together for good.

I believe all things happen for good when you really believe in positive outcomes and take action accordingly. I know I believe in me and I love me a lot more than I did, so more wonderful things keep happening. Iíll go with that. Thatís ok with me. :-)

Tuesday, Aug 29 - 07:57 PM

I am excited about visiting my home where I was a kid. I get to spend some valuable time with my mother, cousins, aunts and uncles and get to review what I did as a kid and learn more about my motherís childhood.

Sometimes, itís just a good idea to reflect a little bit so I can get in touch with where I came from, where I am in life now and where I'm going. What comes up is the good, bad and the indifferent. It is a laboratory of insights waiting to express themselves to me. To me, it is enlightening and it's fun.

I love to learn things I have never thought of before. Contemplative moments can give me a lot to think about that Iíve never thought about before. That is a good way to learn how to do it better when I choose to do that.

One of my favorite past times is to learn to do things better. I know you can't do them better if you donít take the time to think about, ďHow can I do it better?Ē As long as I donít drive myself crazy doing that, that can be a good thing. Itís the obsessing over it that could make it a not so good thing.

Also, I find that when I decide to do this, I had better leave the value judgment out of it or I would become miserable over the insights because I already know I didnít do it perfectly so I donít need to be reminded in a way that reminds me of how I judged myself as being less than perfect nor do I need to be reminded of other peopleís opinions about the same happening.

It seems like everybody has their opinions about things including myself and since they are so often different, the logic is you canít please everybody because of that one reason alone. So, for the life of me, why is it that we humans seem to think weíre suppose to live it perfectly? I dunno, but I for one am giving it up.

I have decided just to live it and if I or someone else doesnít like it, I will be the first one to know who to go to to change it-----Me! Itís all about Me! It always has been! And it always will be!

So there it is. Itís good to remind me of whoís in charge of Me! Itís Me again! I know I have a tendency to listen to other people, things and circumstances outside of me instead of listening to the inside of Me for advice. I know which is more powerful and I am going to be more consistent about that. This ought to be fun! Life IS fun when you make it fun! So, I am making it Fun!! And so it is!

Wednesday, Aug 30 - 05:43 PM

I find that some habit patterns are tough to break even when they are in your own best interest to do so. I have been on this whirlwind travel schedule being with friends and family and doing business all wrapped into one.

At times it has been exhausting ó nothing new here. This is something I have done all my life. The difference between now and in the past is that I know all about the better choices and I know how I spend my life is my choice.

I know I am responsible for the messes I get myself into. So, with that in mind, I see me acting out an old pattern of taking care of me last and everyone else first. The problem with that idea is that one only has so much energy and you can get so exhausted that you can end up giving less if that is your ultimate goal in the first place.

I am talking here to hear myself think and my conclusion is that I want to change this behavioral pattern because I keep reminding myself I do have choice and what I choose to do about changing it is directly proportionate to the level that I LOVE myself. The more I love myself, the less Iíll do this and the more balanced living I can experience. I find less is more when it comes to balanced living and that is my optimal goal. It is my choice and so it is.

Thursday, Aug 31 - 05:43 PM

I feel like I am maintaining a better balance between taking care of my family and taking care of me. I am finding that when I take care of me, I have a lot more to give to them.

Boundaries are part of the answer. I have set some boundaries on the number of trips home to family and when I do get there, it is not so exhausting and I don't get tired as easily as before because I am not going as often and not staying as long.

It is amazing to me sometimes how one minor, little adjustment to the way I decide to do things makes a major difference in the outcomes that are much more enjoyable. Life is good and it gets better by setting boundaries that make more sense.

The 3.5 week trip to see family and business associates was really very special and a lot easier to handle. That's a good thing and I am energized instead of being so tired. I guess pacing is a really good thing, a very good thing to remember. :-)

Friday, Sep 1 - 07:39 PM

I donít know that I have been more centered in my whole life than I am right now. It is such a level of peace, itís not an easy thing to explain. It is so different than the challenges I have faced on and off in my life that it sometimes seems like an unbelievable thing.

I do believe it, though, because I have studied and prayed all my life to create this state of consciousness in my life. For this, I am truly grateful for, and will continue to count, my many blessings.

I knew this kind of peace was possible here on this earth of ours, but I didnít know when and if, I could accomplish it for me. The interesting thing is that a lot of my lifeís experiences and the things I have been concerned about and had to deal with, are not a whole lot different in my life.

The key difference here lies in the decisions I have made around taking charge of my life instead of letting circumstances, conditions and environment play such a controlling roll in my life. I find it does make a difference as I make the decision to live my life for me instead of listening to the outside world to dictate to me the way they think I should be doing it. Itís another one of those "minor point - major difference" things again. It ďdoĒ make a difference.

Itís kind of neat to get up each day and start out on a path for the day that is not pressure and based on fear. I have experienced all kinds of fears, but right now is not a time when I am experiencing any of them. I guess that's a "good for me" thing! :-) And I am perfectly willing, this time, to accept it and own it. It is wonderful and I think I will just keep doing this one for a while. Yep, I think that is just what I am going to be doing! Why not, it beats all the other things in life I have tried. And so it is.

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