Monday, Sep 11 - 06:20 PM

I had a really good conversation with my mother today about staying out of problems. I shared with her what I am learning from Eckhart Tolle and as I said it to her, I think it made good sense to her. She was listening and I felt like maybe it was making a difference in her understanding.
I canít control how she feels or what she might want to do with the information, but I know for me, I am practicing staying in the now in my head instead of letting my mind wonder into the past and the future.

When you think about it, to some extent, the past has to be full of mistakes and falling short for anybody who has lived on the planet for any significant length of time. At least mistakes are what I used to call some of my short falls in life. Now, I think of them as opportunities - opportunities for lessons of truth to be learned.

I was in a chiropractorís office this week and someone asked me how I was doing . I said that TODAY I was doing great, but be glad you didnít ask me that question last week. You really wouldnít want to know. :-)

I commented that I felt that it is a process and she agreed with me. Then I asked her that if we had to explain what you and I know about that point, what would you say to explain it?

She didnít even hesitate. She quietly smiled and said that from now and until we leave the planet, it is ALL a process.

I said, "You mean we do not have to be upset about anything around us that is going on because it is all a process for our learning on our path in this lifetime."

She smiled again and quietly said, ďYes.Ē

The more I think about the meaning of all this, I realized that as I was really getting it, that is a very freeing concept to hold onto. It does not mean we don't care or that we don't have feelings about sad or complicated things that happen to us; but when we look at it as a process, we can ask ourself the question, "What can I learn from this experience and good things can certainly come out of it all."

Faith and trust play an important role here as well. So, that is what I am doing and it is working quite well for me. I like it and I intend to keep practicing on that until it becomes totally automatic.

Tuesday, Sep 12 - 08:34 PM

I know that my results have a whole lot to do with my environment and right now, my environment is a mess. Instead of processing the mail every day, Iíll let it stack up and then I am looking at a mess and then I get frustrated because I am looking at a mess and then I get frustrated because I am not in the mood to clean up the mess that frustrates me.

That sounds like a silly circle to me like the tiger that is chasing its tail and it whirls around and around so much that it eventually turns into butter. Well, I donít want to turn into butter, so I think I need to clean up my act.

Every time I start to put things away in these 3 rooms of mine that are all junked up, it goes so slowly, I get discouraged and just up and quit. When I do something like this, I have to ask, ďWhat happened to my motivation?Ē It just got up and took a walk?

So, I gave all this some thought and came to the conclusion that my mind is just too busy on non-important things because our physical environment is an outward expression of whatís going on in our head.

That all tells me I have some work to do on the source of this dilemma and that is to stop the mind traffic thatís going on in my head. I am going to re-review what things I want to have happen in my life and strike out on a new path, because this old one with the bumps in the road (the clutter) is not working as well as I would like it to be. I really think this could be a fun thing! So, that is exactly what I am going to do.

I am going to go back to my own ways of finding and doing passion. Let's see what happens!

Wednesday, Sep 13 - 08:08 PM

I look around me and a lot of what I see are problems. People are having personal problems and somehow they are getting through them. It appears to be frightening. Global warming is causing weather problems what appear to be more consistent and stronger, thus, more damage is being done. The political scene - well what can I say. It appears to be a mess. Itís like the terrorists are making their way around the world.

The Americans seem to be hated or at least disliked around the world and why not---the arrogance, the complacency, the lack of personal responsibility, the entitlement mentality, taking so many things for granted without personal initiative. The good news is it is not all Americans.

Gratitude is an important thing -- something to continue to do. Humility is another. I would like to think these two things are an on-going mantra for me.

I think a lot about how I can contribute. I decided it was time to put my own house in order. It is time to clear up my own clutter. I have my own physical, mental, emotional and sometimes spiritual clutter that gets out of control.

I know I can react to things with a more positive attitude than I do. I donít have to be the cynic. I can stop the mind traffic that goes everywhere and ends up nowhere. Busy minds have a tendency to get carried away and 98% of what they dream up is fantasy and never comes true. I know because I "are" one.

I am convinced that, for what I want to see happen in my life, I must define that and hold the focus on the "doing" and not even the end result. I used to think that focusing on results was a good affirmation and then it occurred to me - what if your focus is on the results but you fail to focus on the doing? Itís nice to look at the results you want, but if youíre not willing to get on with the doing, itís not likely to come out of the ethers all the time either.

For me, it is important to define what I want, make a commitment to do what needs to be done to accomplish it and focus on the important things and not the unimportant things. I find that life is pretty simple if you let it be. And so it is.

I am glad I am working on these things. :-)

Thursday, Sep 14 - 08:47 PM

This week has been one of the most challenges I have had for a long time. People I know who I really care about are doing things to themselves that are so damaging, that it is hard to take sometimes because I really love them, but I canít help them. I donít enjoy that feeling of helplessness, which sometimes moves into hopelessness.

Because I believe in what most people call miracles, for me to even think hopelessness for one minute is even out of character. So it has to be pretty bad before I even consider that as a possibility.

And for the things being called miracles, I think that is a term used for those who donít really know or understand the power of the natural laws of the universe. When I get into alignment with my Higher Self, I see miracles happening---the things that are the extraordinary healings to the human mind.

I am enjoying the fact that I am doing a much better job of not trying to manage the universe these days than I used to do. (Talking in my mind to the people involved--not to them) I have just thrown my hands up and said that it is in your corner as it is about your life.

It is your responsibility not mine, so you can handle it anyway you choose. I pray that you choose wisely, but if you donít, it is NONE of my business and I leave it all to you.

That is pretty freeing and in doing that, I stay out of the quagmire that I used to get myself into. It makes for a much happier life. And with that, I AM happier. And so it is!

Friday, Sep 15 - 04:45 PM

I am doing better at setting boundaries and taking better care of myself than I have done in the past. For that commitment, I am grateful that I have made. No one ever said it would be easy, but I am doing it. Life is good, but I do know that I need to take better care of Me! Me! Me!

Whenever I have a hard time doing that, I put on my Me! Me! Me! shirt that I got as a gift from a really good friend. It is the friendly reminder that I must do that for me.

Talking about friends, I got together with two old friends, one from over 40 years ago and one from my college days. I went to a sorority function of high tea in an Antique Town in CA and it was a lot of fun reconnecting. It reminded me that it is a good thing to remember the good times and reconnect with those people who had an influence on my life.

Unfortunately in some cases, I waited too long and they left the planet before I thanked some of them for the support they gave me. So, as sad as that made me, I am doing a better job now of reconnecting with people I really care about these days.And that is a very good thing.

I am doing a better job of keeping the balance of taking care of myself and others. I find that when I am unbalanced and donít take care of myself, there is less of me to take care of them so now I am motivated to keep the better balance. And so it is.

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