Monday, Sep 25 - 08:30 PM

It took me so long in my life to get the concept of not worrying for one moment what another thinks.. Again, the cultural conditioning. Whatever a person’s cultural conditioning will set the pace of where a person goes to live their truth. Life is good when we let it be good to us. ALL of it and I mean ALL of it is good. The good, bad and indifferent is all a very good thing. It is hard for me to see that sometimes, but no matter how hard it is, it is a truth that I can look at, interpret it, understand it, integrate it into my life and totally appreciate what it all means and it means a lot the way I see it. All is good.
It is up to all of us to individually make it all good for us. We have the power of choice and I find when I take the time to meditate, get quiet and listen to the quiet voice fom within me, I can flow through it all with ease.

On the other hand when my résistance goes up, life gets complicated and becomes a royal pain in the butt. I know what all that is because I have done it all so well. I get so mixed up and something isn’t going right and I throw my hands up and finally say, “Oh well!

In spite of all the crazy things that happen in my life, I am grateful for the all of it because now that I have lived on the planet for quite some time, I can see the cycles in it all and how they play out to teach me what I came here to learn. For that, I will continue to be grateful.

Tuesday, Sep 26 - 07:40 PM

I believe since I was ten years old, I have wondered what I would be doing with my life. Some people call it your true life’s work. It has been a puzzle to me off and on in my life. On those occasions when it is not clear to me, I just give into it more or less. It evolves, but it doesn't always walk itself over to my awareness. It takes a lot of courage to hang in there for clarity when it is not always a clear vision.

What I am finding is that every single thing I have done in my life so far has played into making my life grander right here and now. I can see now how all those things are fitting together to feed into what I am doing with my life. It has been a fascinating journey to experience what I have experienced, to understand what I have done and to continue to live it the best way I know how now.

Eckert Tolle talks about the Power of Now. His material is so appropriate for people on the planet right now--some trying to survive, some trying to do it better from now on in their life. What I have learned from him is that there is a lot going on all the time to distract us from staying on the light beam in our lives.

We are dealing with issues that people of different generations before us can’t even relate to because their whole experience was different. When we forget that, it can cause a great deal of confusion and anger. I find that I can end up resisting a lot of things when I get into that space.

So, staying in the now is so vital to our mental health. I think if there were one thing I would want all my loved ones to know, it would be to stay present to the moment, forget the past and everything in it except your perceived good; enjoy the coming future that is yours and make it about your authentic self.

You make something like life authentic by making it authentically yours. I know how important it is to be yourself and call it like you see it. That is something I was never really able to do until now.

I thank my lucky stars that I am getting that now, because there are things going on in my life where that is a requirement for me to live happy. It is the best way I can think of to live happy. You just are who you are, you do what you do and you be what you want to be regardless of what the rest of the world thinks you should be. It’s called freedom and I like that, that’s for sure. And so it is.

Wednesday, Sep 27 - 10:03 PM

It has been somewhat puzzling to me why it has taken so many years to find my true self when I have been studying personal development and professional development for so many years. I know when you stop looking, stop wanting, stop trying to find, stop wanting something so bad you can taste it, that something is more likely to show up.

I believe what I need to do now is stop trying to do anything and let things happen. I know they will happen a whole lot easier when I get me out of the way. I know that to be true for me and I know from my studies that all the great masters who have walked the planet and are walking around living an awakened existence today have said the same thing. As many times as I have read that point from so many of them, it amazes me and almost amuses me that it took “Me” so long to get it.

Isn’t that the way it is though, we hear something, it makes sense but we either don’t incorporate it into our life or we forgot we learned it, then we have to go out there and learn it all over again. Sometimes I find that I feel like I am learning it for the first time and then a friend or a business advisor reminds me that I had learned that one a long time ago.

“They will ask, "Don’t you remember?"

I just have a good laugh on myself because my only come back seems to be, “Well, I guess I wasn’t ready to know and understand that one yet! It sure would have helped me a lot if I had, but guess what—I wasn’t ready".

It is just the way life works and it is up to me to go with it and at the same time be paying attention to life so I get things at the earlier opportunities to learn them.

I am still amazed when the simplest of things are exposed to me how capable I am of missing the whole darn thing You would think I would have enough brain cells to get it, but I know from my personal firsthand experience that when my emotional body is not ready to receive something, it won’t. It goes right over the top of my head.

So I find that I am spending more time healing my emotional body now more than anything else. I know the massages I do on a regular basis are helping a lot. My acupuncturist is helping a lot. Even the chiropractic NET practices are supporting my healing.

It was fun going out to dinner last night and my friend started tuning into my weight issues and did some Reiki Healing techniques right there on the spot. I used kinesiology to muscle check her questions. I found out it wasn’t about food—something I have known for a long time. Does that mean I can go out and eat just anything I want---NO I DON’T THINK SO!

However, it does mean that it is more emotional body related than it is about the physical body so I have some more work to do there to get down to the core of that one. At least for a long time now, I have accepted the all of me and loved the all of me which I have found is my first step to healing. I believe the next step is the making it out to be a fun thing -- doing what I need to do to drop the weight.

Healing my emotional body is a strong start and I keep going from here. The good news is it is working ever so slowly and all is well.

Thursday, Sep 28 - 04:03 PM

Life is such an incredible journey. I am living a richer life now because I am stepping back and watching me live my life. I see many more things going on in life doing that. I can stop myself quicker when I see me heading toward a train wreck. I am living much more authentically because I am saying it like it is more than ever before. It brings me a lot more freedom and I have to say it is a much happier existence.

It is happier for me because it seems more honest than trying so hard to please everybody. It reminds me that as I was capable of being a “people-pleaser” in the past, today I am not sure any more which is worse, being a people-pleaser or being mean. Neither is totally appropriate.

When I look at my behavior, the people-pleaser, I have to ask myself, what exactly is authentic about that?

Neither one of these two behaviors bring any kind of freedom. Since I am into freedom and living joy, I decided my people-pleasing behavior had to go and being around negative environments just aren’t for me either. Makes sense to me.

I have also noticed that when I observe this kind of experience, I can shift my focus and it shifts where I’m at, what I am doing and what I am experiencing. The fact is we all have choice and I have been spending a lot more quality time focusing on what I want in my life rather than thinking about all the things in my life that I don’t like.

I don’t know exactly why it is, but so often our natural tendency is to focus on what is wrong with our life’s experiences and I have found by trial error that what we focus on is so vitally important. I find that whatever that is for me really does affect the outcomes in my life.

Discovering the things a little quicker that don’t work gives me more time to live life entrenched in the things that are working. I keep reminding myself that I am the one that can make a real difference in my life when I choose to do so.

Thursday, Sep 28 - 04:24 PM

Life is fun! It is fun for me because I perceive it as fun. I don’t see things as good or bad, right or wrong any more. I am looking at things saying it is what it is. I find that letting go of just about everything is a very good thing.

When I determined that everything that happens is a lesson to be learned, then things got a whole lot easier. I have practiced this for a long time and have gotten a lot of good answers along the way.

Since I am paying more attention to life and just letting things happen instead of “making sure” they were happening, things fall into place a little better. I like that! I am having more fun because I understand better how the universe works. It's there to help me if I just get myself out of the way!

I find that when I am clear on a focus; I am not indecisive; I am not torn between several things; I have a vision of what I would like to see happen; I get myself out of the way and wonderful things just happen.

I keep asking questions like "what do you really want? What can I learn from this experience?" I ask that one especially if I have failed miserably at something and nothing makes sense to me.

What does make sense to me is that I am grateful for all the beautiful things that are in my life and how I am able to support others to help them make things better for themselves too. All is well here today!

Friday, Sep 29 - 06:01 PM

I have had a really good week because I let go of any expectations from people I care about to act, do or be what I see would support them more. It frees up a lot of energy when I let go moment to moment things that just aren’t falling into place the way I would really like them to be.

I am getting into such a place of ultimately nothing matters it lessens the expectations, then I find myself not disappointed. Also, what’s been fun is to play with the idea of letting go of little things that used to matter, but now I refuse to let them ruin not only just a day in my life but moments in my life.

I remember years ago one of my friends said that she was very happy even when things go wrong because life was too short not to be happy. To me, that is a good way of looking at happiness.

I find that the more flexible I am and the less I worry about the details, the smoother everything goes. I find that almost every time I try to help someone out or give them something they need, many things come back to me. It's fun to see that working so consistently.

There was the special project at church and they needed paper so I gave them a whole ream of paper. I did that and I go to Staples and they gave me a whole ream of paper free. Now go figure.

That’s just it. I don’t go figure anymore. I am giving up trying to figure anything out. I am just living it as I go and not over thinking it. It seems like when I am willing to do that, everything goes real smooth. I can take that. Real smooth is the way I like it! :-)

Saturday, Sep 30 - 07:25 PM

I have noticed lately that I am much more aware of reality. I am kidding myself less about things. I make decisions on things the way they really are instead of making decisions on potential in people or some kind of wishful thinking that is far far away in the distant future.

I am focused on the here and now instead of the past and future. As a result, I am wasting less time, spending more time on the important things in my life that have more to do with my priorities. I am much more decisive and much more focused because I know more now than I have in the past about what I really want.

I am also more clear about what I don’t want and have no problem saying no to places, people and things when it has nothing to do with my priorities or could run interference in my accomplishing what I want to see happen in my life.

I guess all this is what taking charge of your life and setting boundaries is all about. I have had a hard time doing that in the past because I was so concerned about hurting people if my decisions upset their applecart.

I gave little thought nor consideration about how it could turn my life upside down. I have been there; done that and don’t want to nor do I intend to go back to that. I am my number one priority. Since that be the case and helping people is my profession, I believe I am of more real help to people including myself and my family than I have ever been before. That is not a bad place to be and so it is…..……...…

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