Monday, Oct 2 - 09:32 PM

This is an exciting time in my life because all good things are happening for good. I can see clearly that when I can get my Mind, Body and Soul all lined up with each other without resistance to anything going on that life just really flows for me. I have experienced this many times in my life, but know all too well what it is like when I am not in alignment and I can be fearful over one thing or another or people I care about are not doing as well as I would like to see them do.
I am learning more and more about how that is not my business but it is all about their lifeís journey they are here to experience and the minute I try to change any part of that by sharing with them what might make their world a little better without having been asked, it just doesnít work too well when I am in that space.

So, I am getting more clear all the time that life isnít about fixing and to advise people, I donít unless asked to the best of my ability and then move on with my life.

Having a healthy detachment from other peopleís stuff is a healthy way to live. I am finding that to not worry about anything is a great achievement and puts a lot more space in my head for doing more wonderful things in my life. Life is good and it always will be to the degree that I donít resist things I canít change and to quickly change things that I can that can make a difference in my life.

I love living my life as an observer watching me do life instead of not paying attention to what I am doing and running on auto- pilot. I keep a more even keel this way because I notice way in front of things now what could be wrong instead of waiting until something goes wrong. It makes for a much happier existence. As I said, "Life is good and I like good!"

Tuesday, Oct 3 - 10:54 PM

I am finding that I am getting so much more accomplished right now because I spend more of my mindís time in the present moment. Being present to the moment is like the sand going through the hour glass. It is happening right now versus the sand in the top of the hour glass - the future or the bottom of the hour glass--the past.

There have been times in my life when a lot was going wrong and I would think about the past in reviewing how I might have done it differently. Then I would worry about doing more of the same which didnít help me one darn bit.

So after living in and out of these two patterns, thinking about the past and the future a lot, sometimes as much as 80%, for example, when I was in a bad marriage. I finally one day realized that if I continued to do that, I would not be moving my life ahead as much as I could be.

With that in mind, I made a different decision and started practicing staying present to the moment. Sometimes it is hard, but through focusing on that as an important goal for me and practicing the simple discipline of it, I started to get pretty good at it. So, maybe now I have flipped the percentages a little bit and spend 80 % in the now mindset and 20% in the past and future.

Of course my goal is to be 100% in the present except when it is necessary to think about past experiences and use that information as a tool to help me be a wise steward in how I proceed in life, present time awareness. Itís a little like using my mind as a tool rather than needing to monitor too much mind traffic which I know I am perfectly capable of doing like in the past. I know that the key to life is balance and I certainly intend to maintain a balance when it comes to living in the present, moment to moment. And so it is.

Wednesday, Oct 4 - 11:15 PM

Sometimes I canít always make up my mind right on the spot about what to do. I will go back and forth to make up my mind and then I am still not sure. I have basically done that all of my life. In fact, I have spent a lot of time doing just that.

To me that time could be better spent on taking action on something rather than getting ready to get ready to do something. I have asked others for advice on things. I certainly asked my parents way into adulthood and have paid professionals to keep me on the right track on getting things done.

In that regard, I am glad I have had good professional people around me who were experts in their field. If I had not made that decision and taken action on that idea, I donít know where I would be today so that was a good decision.

I have asked my higher power what is the best thing for me to do. I have asked for guidance, wisdom, understanding and right action. That has always helped me.

Sometimes I think we just have to jump in whether we know for sure with absolute certainy about something or not and take our chances. I have found that some of my most important lessons have come to me through some of the mistakes I have made so go figure. I think all of lifeís experiences whether we get something done just right or not, help us learn those lessons of truth that are uniquely ours.

Thursday, Oct 5 - 02:02 PM

Life is good and I am happy about that. I keep thanking my Higher Power for all the good things in my life. Thatís the good side of my spiritual life.

Then there is the more pragmatic, practical side. What I am learning there is to look at facts instead of basing as much of my decisions on Spirit. Spiritís good, but the practical facts need to be there to make informed decisions on what is going on in my business, family and personal life.

In the past, I would rely on a lot of following your gut decisions. I still do that, but I add the facts to it so I feel like that makes it more accurate to make more intelligent informed decisions.

I am learning a lot about the right kinds of foods to eat which makes for better health. Now, when I get my walking act together again, I will be sailing with even better health. :-)

When I think about all the things that has to be managed in order to live a sensible, intelligent life, I am realizing more and more not to take anything for granted. My theory now is to keep working on what makes my life better, do the simple disciplines it takes to make that happen, be detached from the outcomes, pay attention to Spirit, my Higher Power, and figure out the facts around my circumstances to keep on track in my life.

It usually doesnít all come together by accident - planned awareness is not a bad idea to make it all better. Life is still good and looking forward to enjoying it even more whatever that is! And so it is!

Friday, Oct 6 - 09:05 PM

I have had a very interesting day. I have learned a lot about life over the last few days and about when to talk and when not to. I was at a chiropractorís office today and got an adjustment. He is not only good in keeping my spine straight, but he also does energetic healing as well.

What I learned from him today was that when a person judges someone else, that person is defining himself through his criticism of someone else. I thought that was a pretty profound statement. He also said that when you are in fear, turn to love and it can turn the situation around. Love turns fear to faith.

Sometimes words put together in certain ways are powerful. That is what I learned here today. Itís about being present to the moment to empower myself in all that I am doing.

It is easy to get off track, but when I do, I know enough to bounce back and move on to the next lesson of truth because I believe that all of lifeís lessons are lessons of truth. Once I got that one, I began to know more about what freedom is all about. It was really sweet when I got there.

Saturday, Oct 7 - 01:49 PM

I love life so much because when I am really paying attention to whatís happening and am grateful for my many blessings on an on-going basis, a lot of wonderful things keep coming my way. Iíll accept every one of them because as life happens, not everything that comes my way appears to be something to get that excited about. And yet, I am learning that it really is.

What I mean by that is that no matter what is happening, it is great. It is great for two reasons. Either it is great because I love what is happening or it is great because I donít like what is happening because it is one of my lifeís lessons so I get excited about that.

Either way, I find myself being excited about life. It is a wonderful thing to be able to see it that way because in seeing it that way, there is little resistance if any and it is the resistance that I find is what gives me the most frustrations.

Anything I resist seems to persist until I ďfinallyĒ learn the lesson that I came here to learn. So, I find that whenever I give into that and donít resist, I am back to being free again.

I love freedom. It is my number one value in life. When I am free, it seems like everything else works better for me.

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