Sunday, Oct 22 - 07:06 PM

My minister asked me today, "How things going?" I said I feel great, life is great; I am better organized, more free, happier than I have ever been in my life!

She said, "That's wonderful! So glad to hear it!"

I told her I have worked hard all my life to get around on things that I knew I wasn't doing such a hot job on and I have turned a 180 degree turn on about every aspect of my life.

I have done such a good job on all that, have applied what I learned and am lucky enough to be young enough that I have enough time to live a whole lifetime now in a whole new consciousness and I am really excited about doing that!

She shivered and said, "My goodness, I got goose bumps all the way down my whole body when you said that!"

I looked and sure enough, both arms were nothing but goosebumps. So I repeated what I said to her again to be sure "I" heard what I was saying for me to really get it. The great news is I GOT IT! I really got it! That is a very good thing.

SO, we go on from here and see what wonderful things are up for me. I'll say it again. I am really excited about my new awareness and the results that are happening as a result of it. It is truly something to be excited about! Yippee!!

Tuesday, Oct 24 - 08:34 PM

Sometimes what's happening in the world makes me feel it's a mess. I am glad I have learned how not to try to control things that are out of my control. I am glad I understand that happiness is an upfront decision and that's a decision I've made for myself so I am happy about that.

I am learning how to be free in a turned upside down world and I am glad of that. I find that as I detach from things, they no longer have control over me. That is freeing in itself.

I am grateful for my life and all the goodness that it is. I have worked hard for that and am seeing the fruits of my labor. Life is good and I am glad I have found it to be good.

I try my best to take nothing for granted because things can be lost in a flash. I appreciate all of life and the lessons I get to learn from it. I am learning more about how to take the things that aren't pleasant and turning them into growth opportunities too.

It's an interesting time on the planet. I am glad I am here. :-)

Wednesday, Oct 25 - 09:03 PM

Sometimes I am taking in so much data and so much stimuli that
I don't have the time to integrate it all. I know we live in
busy times and the vibration on the planet is accelerated, and
I would really like to figure out how to stay in step with all
that all of the time.

It is exciting on one hand and frustrating on the other for me
because I like to do so many things and I don't really want to
give up anything in the busyness of it all.

Arnold Patton said, "You Can Have It All" in his book and I
believe there is some truth to that. Now, all I have to do is
figure out my truth in what that might mean to me. That could
be fun and exciting all at the same time.

I love my work and I love my family and I do want to do it all.
I will see just exactly how efficient I can be at this
business of having it all. :-)

So, the trick for me is to STOP, get quiet, get centered and
decide on all the choices I have at my finger tips. I want to
take another look at priorities and make some decisions. I
know there is a way to do things with ease and accomplish more.

I will continue to look at the formula to do that and refine
what I have done in the past to make it even better.

Thursday, Oct 26 - 07:28 PM

I am excited about putting the busyness of my mind aside and
listening to my Higher Self more and more each day. It is like
night and day in bringing Peace, Joy and Freedom to myself.

It always amazes me how much my mind is capable of imprisoning
me. Most of my life has been about that, but now things are
changing. I see it as a matter of consciousness.

I find that whatever is in my life that is not working, I just
change my mind about those things, make a commitment to change
them and with a clear intention to make something different, I
just change me in front of that and things begin to change. I
change my mind about things and that makes a major difference.

Sometimes I can stay with the changes for the good and
sometimes I can't, but I have to believe that a simple
beginning gets me going in the right direction and with a
little bit of faith and commitment I can just keep going and
that is what I'm doing a lot of these days and it IS working.
And that's a very good thing. :-)

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