Sunday, Apr 23 - 07:53 AM

I woke up and started listening to the Ideal Weight tape again. I got to the second side of the tape and fell asleep again. I know we have a tendency to fall asleep when we donít really want to get in touch with somethi ng we donít like to deal with.

I just canít accept that is what I am doing because I really want to get back on track. I think it is the chocolate and other carbs that keeps putting me to sleep---been there - done that before.

Iíll keep listening to the tapes. I know that will help me because it is feeding my mind with good stuff. I know for a fact when we have good stuff in our mind, good things are more likely to happen as a result.

That old Law of Cause and Effect is always in Effect! I am going to keep affirming myself in a positive way and loving myself in spite of the stupid things I am doing right now. I know that is important.

Tuesday, Apr 25 - 09:39 PM

I got home from a trip and all I wanted to do was eat. I have been gone recently and giving out a lot of support to family and friends. I was in a state in my head where I wanted to give something back to me and an old pattern that creeps up on me once in a while is that all I want to do is eat and so I do.

Honestly, you would think I would have better sense. I ate a truck load of carbs and that always puts me to sleep so I havenít been very productive over the last few days and that is aggravating as well.

It is one of those "Oh wells!" Weíll see what tomorrow brings

Wednesday, Apr 26 - 11:54 PM

Tomorrow is a lot like today. All I want to do is eat. The tragedy here is that I am allowing it and not doing a darn thing to stop it. I am going to have to do some serious thinking about this to see what the heck is going on with me to do this to me. Besides being tired all the time, I am gaining weight again. And that is definitely for the birds.

It would be really nice if I cared and based on my behavior, I donít or I would put a stop to this nonsense. Weíll see what tomorrow brings.

Thursday, Apr 27 - 09:37 PM

What tomorrow brings, huh. Well, Iíll tell you it is a lot more today just like it has been for over a week now. I am having a ball eating everything in site, but I am not having a ball with the consequences of it. So help me, I will get to the bottom of this.

Friday, Apr 28 - 04:10 PM

I have some free days here to get caught up on a lot ofwonderful things and I am not motivated to do anything. It issuch a pain in the butt. I canít quite figure out what thatis, but I am trying my best to love me anyway. I know it willnot help me to get down on myself and get into the pits of lowself-esteem that I know I am capable of doing when I get inthis state of consciousness.

This stinks. I just canít seem to snap out of it. What abummer!!!!!

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