Monday, Nov 27 - 08:46 AM

Since November is the month of Thanksgiving, it always reminds
me of the many blessings in my life that I have to be thankful
for myself.

I have family and am able to spend some quality time with them
this upcoming holiday season. The little people, grandchildren, as I
call them are wonderful, bright-eyed, innocent and refreshing
to see them light up each day and jump through their days like
fireflies at night in the summertime.

They are awesome and a pure delight for me to spend time with.
I am also getting so organized that I am doing many wonderful
things for myself and my family. It all feels great! I am so
glad I have the opportunity to spend some good quality time
with them.

I love the freedom I am experiencing in my life that is a
little more than it used to be. I think that has a lot to do
with me making a point to stay away from other people's
problems because I am finally learning how not to take on the
responsibility of other people's stuff by not getting into
conversations about things like that in my life.

I believe that is a decision that is good for me and everyone
else as well.

Tuesday, Nov 28 - 12:50 PM

I see the value in loving me as I am right here today no matter
what I might like to be different. I see me forgetting the
past, loving it and blessing it for all the lessons of truth in
it. I am to LET IT GO for it was a necessary step for me to
get to where I am today-- right here.

The here is moving life ahead with a new level of awareness
with the courage and strength it takes to make monumental
change in one more person I truly love and hold dear on this
planet. That person is Me! Me! Me! And so it is! Thank You Spirit!

Wednesday, Nov 29 - 04:07 PM

This has been a tedious, challenging, transforming year for me.
I have moved out of a house and an apartment in 2 different
cities; sold a house and bought a house in 2 different cities
and moved all my leftover belongings from a storage place in
the town I grew up in to a Public Storage 2.1 miles from my new

All the consolidation has been great but not easy to do. The
whole process is probably the single most important thing I
have ever done in my life that lays a new foundation for me
that is very good for me for the rest of my life.

I told my minister that I am young enough to have time to live
a whole lifetime in a new consciousness and do it better the
next time around here on the planet right now.

She said it was quite a confirmation for her to hear me say it
because she got goose bumps all over her whole body. That
works for me because I certainly am excited about it.

I am grateful that I have made the choices I have to get here.
It has been a long journey, but quite a revealing one to say
the very least! And so it is.

Thursday, Nov 30 - 05:08 PM

I am excited about a brand new grandbaby in our family. His
name is Caydon and he is a sweetheart, of course. I went to
the east coast to help my daughter's family of 4 children when
he was born and Mom, Dad, 3 other siblings and Gramma Sandy had
a grand time.

Then it was fun too to go north to see my son's family and
where they live for the first time in this location. They live
in a quaint little town outside of Boston and I just fell in
love with the area besides getting to see 2 more grandkids.

So life is good and blessings tend to flow when I am
consistently letting go of everything especially when it ever
gets complicated.

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