Monday, Jan 8 - 11:10 PM

I look forward to a reaping the harvest year in 2007 of many
good things beccause I have worked very hard to lay a better
foundation in all areas of my life.

I am more organized; that makes for greater results. I am more
at peace; that makes for more sane living. :-) I am happier;
that makes for greater sharing with others. I am more
efficient; that makes for wasting less time. I am more
focused; that makes for living with ease. I live more in
surrender; that makes for living more in peace which ultimately
creates a healtier me.

All in all, I am blessed, fortunate and am very grateful for
all the good things in my life as well as those things that
remain complicated. They too will pass and life continues to
be a "Life is Good" thing.

Tuesday, Jan 9 - 02:54 AM

I am a very results-oriented person and I know I love to get
results. In today's world of the internet and technology that
didn't exist in the past, we have at our finger tips, many
useful things that make our life easier and allows us the
opportunity to accomplish more if that is what we like to do.

I am excited about that and am looking forward to the many
wonderful things that can come our way in the near future
because of technology and what is being made available to us.
Life is good and getting better!

Thursday, Jan 11 - 08:30 PM

I have been thinking a lot about life in general and I see
where some of it works just fine, some great, some not so
great and some challenges that would seem like I would rather
not experience at all.

When I look at all of it, I choose to believe it is ALL
happening for good reason and the best reason I can think of is
my own Soul growth. I am realizing that is what I am here for
on the planet and that is ok by me. Life is good because all
of it is about good. It may not always seem like it is about
good and it certainly is not always easy for me, but in the
final analysis, it is about good. And so it is.

Friday, Jan 12 - 10:32 PM

The way I see it, we live in a world that we have very little
control over. It occurred to me that, to the degree that I give
up trying to "control" anything, the quicker I would be living
in peace all the time instead of just part of the time.

That sounded like a reasonable goal to me so that is what I
have decided to do on a more regular basis and the key to that
idea is total surrender, moment to moment, to all the emotional,
physical, mental, financial and intellectual interruptions that
I am experiencing on a regular basis. And so it is. And so it
will be.

Saturday, Jan 13 - 07:35 PM

I am finding that having clarity on all aspects of my life is a
very good thing. It helps me identify what is most important
in my life and I spend more time on the most important things
rather than wasting time on the things that aren't.

I am better able to look at priorities and keep a better focus
so I end up with better results. A lot is getting done and it feels great. All is well.

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