Monday, Apr 2 - 09:20 PM

I notice that I am changing my whole perspective on life. I used to think that if I held a positive consciousness that through the Law of Attraction, good things would happen in my life. There might be some truth to that, but it is also true that bad things do happen to good people.

I am more in the thinking that life and its problems when they come to visit is one big university for learning. I am seeing where if I spend less time trying to avoid problems and stay centered on the important things that ARE priorities, my life has a way of naturally happening the way it is meant to happen in the whole big scheme of things.

If I have enough sense to stay out of the way and let it happen the way it is meant to happen, then I can learn how to take each of my life's experiences as a learning opportunity no matter how good, bad or indifferent the experience might be.

Since the real essence of life is about the evolution of one's Soul, I can take each piece of life and let it be one more piece of the puzzle of my life's evolutionary whole. I am learning how to take each piece as a point of acceptance rather than a piece of resistance. That is how I am empowering myself. For that awareness, I am grateful.

Tuesday, Apr 3 - 11:28 PM

As hard as I try, my goal is to keep centered so I am not being
too busy and find time to live life in balance. I don't always
accomplish that, but with that as a focus, I do much better
than I used to do. Some times I can do it and other times, I
can't. Sometimes, I have three things I want to do and can
only choose one. I guess it is important to look at that as a
blessing instead of a challenge.

I am still trying to figure out how to live simple, but don't
always do it. I want to be so organized for things to fall
into place, but it doesn't always happen.

So, I guess this is another opportunity to exercise the lesson
that I go in and out of accomplishing and that is to surrender
to this situation. As I surrender, I can improve getting out
of my own way. As I do that, things will fall into place better
and I go on to live in more peace.

Wednesday, Apr 4 - 10:10 PM

Life is good to me when I am good to it. I find that I will
make decisions based on what others think I should be doing
instead of making decisions based on what I think I should be
doing. When I allow that to happen, they lose and so do I. I
am worth more to myself and them when I decide what's best for
me. Then they win and I win. Otherwise, we both lose.

I find that most of my life I have made decisions based on what
others outside of me want from me or think I should be doing.
I found myself ending up being a people-pleaser doing that and
it just doesn't work. I know now that if I am interested in
living a happy and productive life, the people-pleasing stuff
has got to go away forever and indeed it is going away.

Thursday, Apr 5 - 10:46 PM

Sometimes I don't know why I keep doing the same things that
don't work and keep getting whacked on the side of the head
with the lessons that come with it because I didn't listen to
my Inner Guidance in the first place.

Sometimes I am not listening to the messages that come my way
and when I don't, I pay the price with harder lessons than I
would have had to go through if I had listened better on the
first go around.

Some of us are hard heads, don't listen and we pay the price
when we don't. I am learning to listen to the Universe and
take action accordingly because I have learned the hard way
that it doesn't pay if I don't.

Friday, Apr 6 - 06:48 PM

What I know is the clutter is a real energy drain. What amazes
me is how easy it is for me to accumulate it. It seems like it
comes from no where. Of course I know better than that. :) I
know I am responsible, but it still keeps happening.

I see the physical, emotional and mental clutter---all of it
has to go as quickly as possible. I am just going to keep at
it until I succeed. Right now, I guess that is the best I can

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