Monday, May 14 - 09:13 PM

I love to see other people's successes and aha's. I have
always been excited about seeing people, including myself, get
results. So, I guess I have to admit I am a results-oriented

I love to interact with people and have fun with them. I
enjoy the positive on-going teasing I see in people having fun,
including myself.

I know that I like to avoid conflict no matter what it takes,
but sometimes it is unavoidable and that's ok.

I get tired of handling all the details. Sometimes they seem
endless and I don't always delegate them as I might.

I have thought about these things so I will continue to create
these things in my life for me because I deserve the best for
me. How do I know? My Tigger "Me Me Me" shirt says so. .
. . .. :).

Tuesday, May 15 - 11:45 PM

Well, today was a beautiful day because everything in it was in
flow. I just kept going from one thing to another not thinking about time, what I was or wasn't getting done and as a result, I got a lot

I know I like to get a lot done, but the emotions involved in
me when I don't get done what I want to get done are sometimes
not the healthiest way to proceed so I am giving up worrying
about what I am not getting done and am just "being" instead.
Wha-la----when I do that, I get alot more done. Funny how that
works! :)

Wednesday, May 16 - 06:08 PM

I am getting much better at staying present to the moment and staying
on Focus on Purpose. I am not allowing my mind to take off on side
trips as much that have little to do with the task at hand and
interfers with my clear thinking.

I find it quite freeing to be giving my mind a rest from being too
busy. In doing so, I am getting less distracted and getting more
done. It feels great and I love it!

Thursday, May 17 - 11:21 PM

I have been seeing some really good videos presented by
Adyashanti about what's real, the egoic self, awakening and
living more with simplicity. I know that this information is
having a positive impact on my life right now and how I am

One thing I know is that I make things far more complex than
they need to be. I know now that simplicity is golden. I am
stripping down all that I am doing to simplicity every day I
can on anything in my life that might bring complexity instead
of simplicity.

The good news is that I am able to accomplish and make things
simpler for myself. The other good news is that sometimes I
can't. The reason I find that both are the good news is
because I am more completely accepting all of life's issues
with less resistance and that makes my life much richer for me.
Life is Good and sometimes that goodness is related to just
how much I am willing to see and live that goodness. And so it

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