Sunday, Jun 24 - 11:25 PM

I have surrounded myself with people who have guided me through
life's challenges, its sadness, and its frustrations. They
have also helped me to prevent unnecessary challenges in my

I find that being surrounded with people to support me in what
I am wanting to do with my life has made a tremendous
difference in the quality of life I am living and right now
that quality of life is much richer for it. For that, I will
always be grateful.

Monday, Jun 25 - 11:26 PM

I am reviewing everything I am doing in my life to see where
the flaws are so I can make things better. It is hard some
times for me to look at something and even see what's wrong
with this picture, but if I dig deep enough and listen hard
enough, I can get to more truth.

I find that getting to more truth allows me to live more
authentically. It has been a long time coming, but I find
myself getting there. I am grateful for that and I will
continue to check in on why I do what I do so I can understand
myself better.

I know that one of the great keys to life is to Know Thyself.
Sometimes I like what I see and sometimes I don't, but when it
all comes out in the wash, I find that I am getting closer to
truth all the time and that's good.

Tuesday, Jun 26 - 11:28 PM

I have found that I have given my power away to alot of people
over a lifetime because I did not know how not to. I was
taught strong rules to living and felt if I fell short of those
rules, I would not be loved and I would not be good enough. I
learned this emotion so young that it never really left me.

At least today, I know to stand up for me and not worry about
what "they think", but it has taken me most of my life to get
there. The good news is now I see the difference.

Wednesday, Jun 27 - 11:27 PM

I am learning to accept the unknown better than I used to. I
realize I can't change anything sometimes until it is the right
time to do so. That used to drive me crazy because I like to
see results right now and I like to check one more thing off my
"To Do" list. But I am going with the flow better now and I
find since I am interested in getting results, I am getting out
of my own way more and more by letting it all go and waiting
for its due process. Life is good. And so it is.

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