Sunday, Jul 22 - 08:40 PM

I feel like I am coming out of a fog after several years of re-
inventing myself and am emerging as a new me. I like the new
me and there are many changes to get used to, but I AM getting
used to them. It feels good and so it is!

Monday, Jul 23 - 06:43 PM

When I take some time to look at the negative moments in my
life that caused me pain, I keep asking myself the question
around those incidences, what did you learn from that
experience? When I do that, the pain of it all is so much more
bearable because it stands for something. It stands for growth
and moving on to better things.

This too will pass is a concept I carry through it all and it
does. And that's great! It makes for a much better life! And
so it is.

Tuesday, Jul 24 - 11:29 PM

Life is too short for me not to have a Vision of what I want in
my life in every aspect of my life. I have those Visions and
because I do, I have noticed that I am getting more done with
less frustration in areas of my life that before, I did not
know how to do that as well as I do now. So, I guess I can say
to myself, I am still growing and for that I am grateful. I
have many blessings in my life that I can be grateful for and
that's a very good thing.

Life is good! And so it is.

Wednesday, Jul 25 - 09:49 PM

My sound self-esteem creates a better me and for that I am
grateful. I can notice it in the little things. I will choose
to take care of me rather than not. I will choose to eat
better foods than not. I will choose to treat me with respect
rather than not.

I have choice in my life and I am making better choices for me,

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