Wednesday, Jan 2 - 11:07 PM

It is a new year and I expect a lot of a new life from the
extensive work I have done on making me a better me. It wasn't
easy. In fact, it was down right hard, but I chose to do it,
held the discipline to do it and know down deep in my heart
that all the hard work that I did is fast moving into the fast
changing lane and I am grounded enough to receive it and all
the magnificence of it. And so it is!

"Happy New Year, Sandy! Make it your best year ever! I know
it is already there!"

Thursday, Jan 3 - 09:44 PM

I love life when I am learning a lot and I seem to be learning
a lot right now. I have surrounded myself with good teachers
for whom I am grateful. I am also grateful for me because I AM
listening to life. When I am paying attention to life, I find
that I do much better. I am glad for me that I am. I know it
truly does help.

Friday, Jan 4 - 09:38 PM

I am glad that I know what I know, can share what I share and
help people the way I help people. I saved a baby snail today
from an ill fate and as small as it was, it made me feel great!
:) I like to contribute and there are a thousand ways on our
planet that can be done. I just keep figuring out one more way
to do that and it feels good to be able to.

Saturday, Jan 5 - 09:20 PM

I still have more clutter around me than I like. I can still
feel the energy that is drained from me because of it. So, I
am again committed to get rid of more of it. Everytime I do, I
find a huge burden lifted off my shoulders and I am energized
to do more clearing things up and find that many other things
get better right along with the clearing.

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