Wednesday, Feb 20 - 12:04 PM

I find that regardless of what is going on, learning my life's
lessons is always going on. I am excited about learning those
lessons of truth because that is what I came here to do. I
find that to be my purpose here in the world I live in.

It is a simple concept and simple makes life richer for me.
And so it is.

Thursday, Feb 21 - 04:14 PM

I can see now that if there is a lesson for me to learn in my
life, the earlier I acknowledge that and learn it, the easier
it is. If I don't pay attention with a keen level of awareness
on what is mine to learn, I miss my cue, keep doing it wrong
and on the next round the lesson is harder because I didn't get
it when it was less complicated. Funny how that works! :-)

I have reflected on my life where I did and did not learn those
lessons I came here to learn and I can see the track record of
easy and hard to learn. Frankly, today, I am living my life
more as an observer instead of just a player in life because
that way, I can throw away the rose colored glasses and get
what I am to get for my lessons of truth a whole lot sooner.
I find that doing that saves me a whole lot more pain later.

I like the fact that I am listening better to what I am to be
learning. It makes for an easier path to travel when I stay on
track and do that.

Friday, Feb 22 - 09:01 PM

Life is interesting at the very least. Life is wonderful
somewhere in the middle and life is spectacular when I am
listening to truth.

Sometimes, there is so much garbage in my mental environment, I
can't always see the truth, but when I decide to get myself out
of my own way, the path becomes clearer and easier. And so it

I expect I AM on the path of enlightenment, whatever that might
mean to me as I travel life's journey. I AM enjoying the
journey. I find that the more I accept it ALL, the more joyful
it is.

Saturday, Feb 23 - 05:26 PM

I know clearly that I am responsible for all of my experiences
and life is education. Since life is education, I know I have
a lot to look forward to because I will always be learning
through the things I decide to do or not do. I will be
learning either way.

Instead of being concerned about what is going to happen, I
feel less complelled to worry about it as much as I have done
in the past because I know I will be learning valuable lessons
either way. To me, that means it doesn't matter as much that I
control all these happenings in life to make sure I am happy
because I find the less I try to control them, the happier I
am. Since I can't control them anyway, what's the point of
wasting so much energy trying to do that.

I have given up on managing the universe. :)

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