Monday, Apr 21 - 06:23 PM

I am excited about my intuition and how it is working to help
myself and others who I care about in my life. I am listening.
I am paying attention. I am glad that I am because it is so
important for me to be doing that. I have a lot to be grateful
for. I am blessed!

Tuesday, Apr 22 - 03:07 PM

I am reminded over and over again when I let go of the fear of
some clamoring black cloud over my head and accept whatever is
happening, that it is happening for a reason far bigger and more
important than my mind can comprehend. I can better access all
the creativity the Universe has to offer me. I just have to
continue to get me out of the way.

It is like the Zen master said, "If you want to stop
suffering, just detach from whatever it is that saddens you."
There is no suffering from things we are detached from. Makes
logical sense to me and sometimes that is easy to do and other
times it isn't. So, I am learning to accept whatever is no
matter what--big lesson. I am accepting that.

Thursday, Apr 24 - 10:42 PM

I love life because I keep learning more about what it is
about. It seems like the learning curve on life is never
finished and I consider that a very good thing.

I find that the simplest things that are so obvious to me now
were not that obvious for many years during my adult life. It
is humbling to see my level of ignorance on some things. Being
naive is another way of putting it. Understanding more of
reality helps me to be more authentic as well. Life is good!

Friday, Apr 25 - 09:06 PM

Every time I get it straight and don't resist things, life
seems to go along a lot better. I am often reminded of the old
saying, "What you resist persists". If I ever forget, the
Universe shows up to remind me so I am into letting things go
that are not in my control. I find life to go much smoother
when I keep remembering that. So, I am remembering and that's
a very good thing.

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