Monday, May 19 - 10:42 PM

Eckhart Tolle is today's guru about the importance of living in
the NOW and I agree with him. I know for me, that I have a
real problem staying in the now at times. I also know when I
am upset with the past or worried about the future, that does
not help me a whole heck of a lot. I know that whatever I am
thinking about right now is where my life is and sometimes that
life is not as good as it could be for me because I am focusing
on the wrong things that do not nurture me.

I am thinking more in my life now about what nurtures me.
Thank goodness I am doing that more now than I have in the
past. As I continue to do that more, my now will be more
enjoyable and my future becomes a better now because of it.
Hip Hip Hooray!! I like the that!

Tuesday, May 20 - 09:16 AM

Life is good. I read something the other day that said
something to the effect of "keep your mind on the good things and
blessings, and don't let the challenging things run off with
your mind". That is so true. What I like about it is that I am
actually doing that and I can remember a day when it was not
that easy to do, but it is easy for me to do that now. For
that I am grateful. Life IS good and I really appreciate it!!

Thursday, May 22 - 09:39 PM

Experience seems to be one of my best teachers. I welcome
life's experiences whether they go well or not. If fact, I
think I have learned more from the ones that didn't go so well
as I have from the ones that have?

So, I find life to be very good because whether it seems to be
working in my favor or not, I find it to be supporting me
either way. I do believe that is what freedom is all about.
Freedom is one of my highest values and I am experiencing more
of it than I ever have been before.

Friday, May 23 - 08:31 PM

I remember a day when I actually thought I could out run the
obstacles in my life by doing all the right things. Well, not
true. It stinks, but it is NOT TRUE!!

What a rude awakening for someone who was usually more positive
than negative in her environment no matter what was going on.
Today, I am more excited about being real than positive. I
would rather see the truth in negativity than be in denial in
positivity and think something is fine when it truly isn't.

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