Monday, Jun 23 - 08:31 PM

I look around me and I see the level that people are willing to
lie to themselves and not be honest with me, either.
Rediculous blame games that make no sense, get played because
people down deep in the core of their being can not be brutally
honest with themselves enough to live truth. I know that it
takes a lot of courage to live truth. Sometimes I have to work
harder than other times to live truth, but the payoff is so
great when I keep doing it.

What I am learning more everyday is that I am not their teacher
and I can't change THEIR behaviors, nor do I think it is my
business to do so. I believe people have the right to live
their life any way they want to as long as it doesn't violate
others, especially "ME"...

Since "I" don't want to be violated, I will not live in these
kinds of environments--used to--don't any more.

What I can do is change my reaction to all of it when I need to
do that. I know more about how important it is for me to spend
my mind's time on the things that I can influence change for me
and not wasting my valuable time with people who are not in
alignment with my values, when the situation becomes more about
being negative than being positive.

Again, it doesn't really matter a whole lot what they decide
to do about these things, but it does make a major difference
to me what I decide to do about these kinds of things.

I am being far more sensitive to my personal environment than I
did in the past because, frankly, I see far more value and
self-worth in me than I ever did before. Good for me! It's
about time! :)

Tuesday, Jun 24 - 08:12 PM

I find it interesting that people I love and care about can be
so unkind and I have noticed that I used to appease them by
giving in to their aggressive, unkind behaviors by being nice
just to keep the peace. My need to avoid conflict was higher
than my need to hit the conflict head on.

Now, I am convinced that being more authentic causes me more
conflict with others, but the premium I put on being authentic
these days is higher than not being authentic and even if it
causes a knock down drag out fight, I no longer avoid the

I would rather have the conflict while being authentic than not
being authentic avoiding the conflict. I find that living with
that kind of integrity does not mean it is going to be easier and that is FINALLY fine with me.

Thursday, Jun 26 - 11:09 PM

I find that I have a real problem with incompetent, unauthentic
people messing up my world. If they knew the truth, it would
be a whole lot easier, but they don't.

The kind of truth I am talking about here is not my perception
vs their perception. I am talking about cold hard facts that
people will not recognize because they so selectively listen
for their own selfish needs. They just don't get it.

When this happens to me, I have learned, often the hard way,
that there is one way to handle these kinds of situations and
that is to ask myself. "Ok, Inner Knower, what exactly do you
want me to learn from this experience because there is
something wrong with this picture, but it isn't "all them"?"

When I ask that basic question, it is amazing how the universe
shows up and gives me answers about situations like that where
I just couldn't figure it out before.

I also found out that as long as it wasn't upsetting me, it
probably wasn't my problem. That was huge in my understanding
and gave me a lot happier days in my life.

I really can't always help what others are doing in my life,
but I can help what I am doing about what they're doing in my
life. It makes it a whole lot easier for me not to get
entangled in their problems. I can do quite well creating my
own problems without them.

Then I simply take care of my problems instead of theirs and
mine. Makes for a simpler way to live. I like it.

Saturday, Jun 28 - 09:49 PM

I find that when humanity does get around to reaching out to
helping someone in need, a lot of wonderful things do happen.
I was travelling and I said to the guy helping me pick out the
right rental car with the best gas mileage, that he made a special
effort to make sure I got the best one for me.

I got real excited about the car I got and I said, "You are an
Angel. Thank you so much!"

He immediately said God Bless You!

When he did that, it was such a connection that it reminded me of how precious other people are to me. I had already felt Blessed because of the energy in which he helped me. It was another one of my life's reminders that "Life is Good" and it is important to keep
appreciating it.

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