Monday, Sep 8 - 10:42 PM

I have often wondered why we as humans make it so hard on
ourselves. I had two important things to get done today and
for whatever my reasons, I just dogged around and by the time I
made the calls, both key people I needed information from to
move things ahead had gone for the day. I even said to myself,
you better be calling them or you will miss them and I DID.

I know because of self-esteem issues, I will sub-consciously
and sometimes even consciously, get in my own way and cause
delays in my successes.

I guess I still don´t put enough value in myself to say, "Hey,
you´re worth it! Get on with it!" I believe this time this
happened, it has resulted in a great value because I was
playing the role of the observer watching me do what I was
doing (or in this case, NOT doing) and I am reminding myself
that Focus and Priorities ARE a priority. IF I really get that
this time, it was worth the temporary setback here. So be it.

Tuesday, Sep 9 - 08:34 PM

I find that my life gets easier as I get more real. When I
acknowledge and accept the truths about my life, then I find I
am more real and can better handle the real issues.

I have spent a great deal of my life not knowing the real
issues so whenever I went to correct something, I would often
be correcting the unimportant things. Knowing what's real,
helps me understand what the priorities are for better living.
I am really glad I got this now before I spent another twenty
years of my life focusing on things that would never get me to
the freedom in my life and the greatness in life that I

Thursday, Sep 11 - 11:53 PM

I find that the more real I get the more deserving I get for
receiving the greatness of life. It's funny how that works,
but that seems to be my experience. When I enhance my sound
self-esteem, I seem to attract greater things into my life and
the issues are not as disheartening.

I know how to look at the issues and find the wonderful things
they mean now so I can make the corrections that are necessary
and move on. I am here for that kind of awakening into
awareness and with that kind of awareness, I am not craving
what is not. I am just enjoying the now and letting the rest

I find that I can do that better on some days than others, but
the fact I can do it at all is exciting for me now. For that I
am grateful.

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