Monday, Oct 6 - 07:13 PM

My biggest asset in my life today is that I can stay out of
fear better than I ever have. I have noticed that when I
really learn one of my core lessons of truth, all kinds of
things show up to make sure I got it.

I ran across Wayne Dyer's YOUR SACRED SELF to teach me and
remind me how to stay out of fear. As from him and other
sources, I realized that all of my experiences in my life have
been designed to help me grow and my resisting those things I
don't like are not helping me do that. So, I am resisting less
and enjoying life a whole lot more.

Tuesday, Oct 7 - 09:32 PM

I can only guess what Heaven must be like, but today I got a
whole lot of it. Massage was more than perfect and I had my
sneakers on this time to walk the beaches--my favorite walk
anywhere in the world for an hour which is always perfect and
it is Heaven to me.

I started my walk at Gresham and Graham Sts. walking around
Sail Bay past the Catamaran Hotel--which is incredible-- to the
next opening and walked up to the ocean--takes about 20 minutes
from my start point.

Like I said, "It's like walking in Heaven, but this is Heaven
on earth I guess." The waves were awesome today as they most
often are. I walked down to Portsmouth, turned around and
walked back and then on my favorite walking path, it comes back
down Whiting off the ocean to Sail Bay again. Then I turn left
for the trip back around the Bay up the hill, looking back on
the Catamaran on one side of the Bay and Paradise Point on the
other side--what a beautiful sight. I was parked on Graham.
With a big sigh of relief, I knew I had been in Heaven and back
and the most wonderful thing of all is I have been making this
trip for 19 years. What a glorious way to live!!

I can actually see ashes going off the pier of the Catamaran
looking over at Paradise Point and ashes going off Paradise
Point, looking back at the Catamaran. Then I would be in
Heaven all around the Bay.
What a wonderful thing. :)

Thursday, Oct 9 - 08:59 PM

I have lived a lot of my life this week as an observer -- me
observing me living out each day. It was an interesting thing
to do because doing that gave me a whole different perspective.

I was just observing. It didn't always matter as much what was going on and its outcome. It was like I was watching what was
going on and not just participating. The new perspective was
about allowing more and being concerned about things less.

I found myself a lot less stressed, not trying to work too hard
and taking things more as they came. I found that the whole
idea made for less inner conflict. I think I'll be trying more
of this observation living. There are some nice benefits there
in doing so.

Friday, Oct 10 - 06:53 PM

I asked a good friend the other day how things were going for
him and he said with a big smile, "Oh, Everything is in Divine
Order" which was another way of saying things are tough, but I
am getting through it.

It has taken me most of a lifetime to get it, but I am living a
lot more free with fewer burdens because I am not trying to
control very much right now. As I have grown a little older
(not much--:) and wiser, I understand the importance of
"allowing" life to happen instead of trying to control it.

I am glad I can make this distinction of allowing in the middle
of all my wise choices because it is a whole lot more freeing
to do so. So, life is good in the middle of a lot of turmoil
because I am accepting life as it comes and allowing it to be
fine just where it sits.

No matter what comes at me these days, I AM enjoying life more
because I AM allowing it to happen without the need to control
it. It is very freeing and I love being free.

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