Tuesday, Nov 11 - 10:30 PM

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the clutter around here
can get stacked up. I let up for a minute on keeping things
caught up and I get really behind. Then the place looks like a
cyclone hit it.

This happens to be one of my patterns in life, but I think it
is time for me to do something more to change it. I know I can
do this. I just have to make up my mind and then do it.

Wednesday, Nov 12 - 08:59 AM

I am excited about not jumping into fear when all the elements of fear are yelling in my ears and mind. If anything, it is all making me more determined to do more for myself, more for my country, deliver more random acts of kindness wherever I go and make my world and the world of others a better place.

I decided that what I need to do is pay attention to my Priorities, keep my Focus on what is most important and Act with more strength. It seems to be working because I am more focused and getting more done each day.

I have done a good job in the past to let fear paralyze me and I refuse to do that anymore. Life is good and I am focusing on that instead. It certainly feels mighty good to me.

Friday, Nov 14 - 01:22 PM

I am convinced the reason I am living such a happy existence
right now is because I am staying focused on the better things
in my life rather than being distracted by the aggravating
things in my life.

I can say that I used to be easily thrown by the rotten things
other people were doing in my world, but not any more. I have
learned the hard way that giving people the benefit of the
doubt when they don't deserve it does not present realism in my
life. If I don't stay real and honest with myself, I am only
kidding myself and eventually no matter how long it takes,
whatever is important to me is going to fall apart because it
is not built on a solid foundation of truth.

Using wisdom in who I give people the benefit of the doubt does
bring me more peace of mind and happiness in my life because
wisdom keeps me in the real world. The universe does not let
me live in peace when I am kidding myself. I must remain true
to myself or it will never work.

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