Monday, Dec 8 - 10:30 PM

It seems that during my birthday month and Thanksgiving I end
up appreciating with much gratitude my many many blessings. I
find that so often, there are things that are going on that can
be very distracting and sometimes that makes it harder to stay
focus on gratitude..

What is distracting to me are things that are not going the way
I would have preferred and I am finding more and more that when
I let go of the need to have things a certain way, I can
actually end up happier more. I have found the Zen Masters to
be right.

To me this is my time of gratitude that continues to remind me
that when things don't go as I wish, it is all relative and I
find more time for peace, harmony and more delightful living.
I am in gratitude . . . . .

Wednesday, Dec 10 - 08:12 PM

I have always been a knowledge seeker. Then one day I realized
that just being a knowledge seeker is not where it's at.

I have spent most of my time this year witnessing me live my
life. I have found there is a big difference between running
through life on automatic pilot versus really paying attention
to what you are doing and what's going on. I realize when I
have been living it on automatic pilot, being the knowledge
seeker I am, I would end up with a lot of trivia that I really
didnŽt need. Witnessing me living me, I was able to catch that
and started giving it more thought.

I paid more attention and when I was only collecting data that
really wasnŽt that important to me, I realize that was not true
knowledge seeking; that was simply trivia getting. So, I am
back to focusing on me and what I want in my life so my
Priorities, my Focus and my Activities have become my priority.

It makes for a much better life for me to know where I want to
go and how I am going to get there.

Thursday, Dec 11 - 06:44 PM

I find that when I accept all my good, bad and indifferent and
TOTALLY accept it, I am FREE! I like free. It is without the
burden that my mind is capable of carrying. I have a busy mind
unless I stop it. It is up to me because that part of me gets
really busy worrying, or regretting, or angry or sad or
something or something. . .

So, I with my mind, stop the useless mind chatter and get on
with my day. This has been a very good week because every time
my busy mind showed up, I locked the gate. I refused to let
her through the gate of my being. I just asked her to go over
there and sit in the sand and contemplate the ocean and all its

She could not get past my gate so I was home free. This worked
so well, I think IŽll just keep that gate shut to the busy-ness
of my mind. Then I will continue to be freed up to plan,
implement good strategies and spend my days with more peach of
mind. That works for me. I think IŽll just keep doing it.

Saturday, Dec 13 - 12:05 AM

I had so much fun putting together presents for friends and
family this year for holiday celebrations. It was all going on for
about six weeks which made it a special time to celebrate.

I was able to discover the unique interests in people and put
together uniquely different events around their presents
focused on what they like to do like I have never done before.

I was able to see or feel the happiness in people as they
discovered what their presents were and it was fun to get into
the holiday season with a special Spirit of Sharing.

My life in general is that kind of sharing which makes it very
special. Life is good! I am grateful!

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