Monday, Feb 2 - 12:50 PM

My best contribution to people is being true to myself and
authentic to them. That's a gift to my relationships, but I
find some people don't get the concept.

Wednesday, Feb 4 - 10:27 PM

I am excited about going back to the basics, the simple
disciplines, the important things that built my businesses and
my life over many years. This is the time in an economic war
zone to be doing the simple things consistently that make a

I find that staying out of fear for myself and the people I
care about is critical to clearer thinking. This reminds me
of the 4-H Creed that has always said a lot to me since I was
10 years old:

I Pledge...
My Head to clearer thinking,
My Heart to greater loyalty,
My Hands to larger service, and,
My Health for better living,
for My Club, my Community, my Country, and my World.

Like I said, "I am going back to the basics to make my life
count for Me, my Community, my Country and my World.

Friday, Feb 6 - 10:26 PM

Whether it's something around the world or something going on
in my local community, I am listening to a point of caring and
contributing and past that, I have no intention to be swept up
in the crazy-making.

I find that staying grounded, being silent long enough to
listen carefully to the negativities as well as the
positivities going on around us these days is maintaining
strength and that is what I intend to maintain. I am not
interested in someone else ruining my day so I am not listening
to the wrong people getting swept into the drama trauma.

Doing that is not where my solutions come from.

Saturday, Feb 7 - 10:37 PM

During this time of what appears to be a lot of fear and havoc,
I am refusing to let myself get caught up in all the negative
energy that is being thrown around these days on the planet. I
have found in my own lifetime, that FEAR doesn't work. It only
paralyzes just about everything I'm trying to accomplish.

Worry doesn't work. It just slows down my whole Being both
personally and professionally.

Concern isn't the answer to things because it takes my mind
away from focusing on what is important.

My conclusion: Be Happy! In spite of everything, Be Happy!
It IS a Choice!! :)

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