Monday, Mar 2 - 09:30 PM

I find in my life that when one door closes another door along
with windows does open. I know I have spent way too much time
in my life fearing loss and sure enough, because I felt that
way, losses showed up.

Also, what I have learned is when something shows up that is
negative or off just a little bit, I quickly ask myself, "What
can I learn from this experience?

In just the asking, I have found that I have learned a lot!

Life is Good and I'm the one who can make it better for me!

Tuesday, Mar 3 - 10:07 PM

I honestly donīt know if I have ever felt this clear and this
free. I am sure I have said that 100 times, but it really
seems more like it for me now than ever.

My main job this year is to clear out everything I possibly can
for the sake of completions. THIS IS A COMPLETION YEAR FOR ME

I intend to clear up some kind of clutter EACH DAY until ALL of
it is gone.

My best contribution to people is being true to myself. I will
be clearer on matters in my life relative to the degree of
clutter that is no longer in my space.

My thoughts are huge. I am bringing back the importance of my
personal thoughts in my success pattern. They may not change
anything that happens, but they will direct my actions into
stronger actions

Thursday, Mar 5 - 03:38 PM

I am making a point to stay focused in a distracting
environment called the world we live in right now. Sometimes I
feel like I have to work at staying focused a little harder
than other times in my life, but thatīs ok. I am learning a
lot about staying present to the moment and really eliminating
the past almost completely except the lessons of truth I can
reflect on from the past when I might need to be reminded.

I am also glad I am not putting too much thought to the future.
Whatīs that? Something you can depend on? I donīt think so!

Saturday, Mar 7 - 11:16 PM

There is LIFE beyond ego and I am on the journey to find out
more about that. It is very special; that is for sure.

This is another lesson that I can add to the long long list of
clearing out ALL of the PAST. It is so important that I do
that and as Dr. Glenn said, "Be ruthless in dumping it all

So, I am on a special journey that is unique to my cultural
background and I am glad I have found this place. I will
continue to work on all this. All is well---all is good.

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