Wednesday, Apr 1 - 01:45 PM

I am learning a lot about life right now. Subtle things like
fewer words say more. Fewer thoughts create more peace from
within me. Listening to my quiet mind instead of the outer
garbage serves me better. Paying attention to my strengths and
not doubting them brings more strength.

Life is good. I intend to keep remembering it.

Thursday, Apr 2 - 10:53 PM

I find now that whether I consider something going on in my
life as good, bad or indifferent, I can get more accepting of
it instead of upset with it because as John-Roger speaks about

"Instead of cursing it and hating it and fearing it, stand up
to it and bless it and move into it so enthusiastically that
you cannot be denied the completion of it. Embrace it and love

I find it helpful to see the truth in what he says that you
will find that no experience stands against you; all can be
turned to your advantage.

All found in "Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise" by John-Roger

I am finding all this to be true for me. I am allowing things
to happen instead of hoping for things to be different when
they aren't. I am able to save energy units I used to burn up
on being frustrated and use them for moving more things ahead
for easier successes.

Friday, Apr 3 - 06:49 PM

I had a jolly good laugh this morning when I read some info
from one of my favorite guys, Lao Tzu:

"To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day." Is that not the TRUTH? I LOVE IT!!!

I love it because that is what I decided to do with everything in my life that is not complete and finished. I decide it is time to complete and finish it to the best of my ability.

Some days I do real good at completion and some days I don't, but it seems to me as I continue to do my best to do just that, the more junk I can get rid of, the more interferences in my life I can avoid and I can much better move things ahead that are important to me.

Best example: I have many boxes that I have managed to accumulate from every move I have ever had in my life. For every move, there were boxes left over that I said, "Canīt do them now, later; and later NEVER came.

I know as I un-clutter my boxes from moves, papers I don't need, things that need to go to Goodwill etc. it will release new energy to me that will serve me well.

I do look forward to removing things everyday and I know Lao Tzu is
right. A lot more wisdom will come to me for having cleared all the clutter that is around me. And so it is!!!

Saturday, Apr 4 - 10:35 PM

Distracting confusion has played a role in my lifeīs foundation. I was raised with lots of perceived rules and regulations and in my discoveries, anything over-extended becomes an obvious weakness.

Obvious weakness is a little over-stated. It has taken me most of my life to figure that one out and I have been on the planet for many years. Rules in balance yes; rules over-extended, no.

Grounded centeredness is now what I am doing and I intend to do
more of it. The shift is here for me.

Thoughts are moving through my mind all the time, but the thoughts that are my beliefs are what I am paying more attention to.

I find the more integrated I am becoming between who I was and who I am, I am more grounded and am able to be more silent in that Special Sacred Space so there is no need to think so much. With that, I have a better chance of evolving into being instead spending all my time in the doing.

It is a nice place to be. It is probably the first time in my life that I really know more about what the monks are doing with their lives.

I must put my busy mind on hold. There is no longer a place for her to function that way. No place at all. I am grateful about this awakening.

There is a place, however, for using my mind as a tool, but past that, she needs a really good rest. . . .. . and So It Is!

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