Monday, Jun 1 - 11:13 PM

I am creatively finding ways to de-stress anything in my life
that tries to create stress in my path. I may have a thought
that triggers a negative emotion and I immediately do some deep
breathing exercises to de-stress even a single thought.

When I am working on important projects and they are not that
easy, I will no longer allow the stressors to interfere with
what I am doing. I will do my deep breathing and not allow my brain to engage in its usual activity of creating stress and causing draining emotions.

I find that emotions interfere with peace of mind and peace of
mind creates The Calming Effect for me. It puts a blanket of
calm over everything I am doing so that my brain is working in
a state of coherence and not one of confusion and chaos.

Tuesday, Jun 2 - 03:20 PM

I keep learning how to do things better than I did many years
ago. It is quite amazing how life gives you a chance to do
things better. I am paying attention to life to see where I
can continue to get it more right. We donīt always get it
right, but that is how we learn to do it better. Sometimes,
itīs the mistakes I made that got me to the understanding.

Understanding is a key word and the key to life is
balance-being able to do many different things all at the same
time and enjoy it.

Thursday, Jun 4 - 08:30 PM

I am finding a calming effect happening in my life because I am
making a point to eliminate stress everywhere I can. I know
that in reducing stress, it reduces the cortisol levels in my
body which is a very good thing. I never realized that high
levels of cortisol can affect your brain function. I certainly
donīt need any of that going on in my life so I am motivated to
keep the cortisol levels down.

I find that awareness is the first step in fixing something and
getting rid of stress is something I am consciously
doing-whatever it takes, I am getting rid of it.

The differences are subtle, but significant. I believe this is
only the beginning of many changes for me in a positive
direction that will help me get more done in less time and less
effort. This is a very interesting time for me in my life. I
am grateful for my new awareness and the learnings to change
something that is important to me.

Saturday, Jun 6 - 10:38 PM

I am experiencing a lot less stress in my life so I am burning
up less energy and getting more done in less time. I like that
combination. I think Iīll just keep doing it. It is giving me
a Calming Effect that I donīt know I have experienced before.
Itīs a very good thing.

I find that Earl Nightingale was right. He said, "We become
what we think about."

My focus is on happy and not perceived notions that are related
to stress. If stress comes up, I simply breathe in and out
through my heart and it eliminates the stress. An interesting
concept that works that I will write about as I experience more
of it.

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