Tuesday, Jul 7 - 12:04 PM

I am spending more of my mindīs time in the NOW time rather
than thinking about the past and its imperfections or any
future thoughts of imagined concerns. For me, itīs a state of
mind that had to be learned. As hard as I would try to stay
focused on what was going on right in front of me, I didnīt
know how to do that very well.

It is rather amazing to me the problems I would create for
myself because I was focused on too much of the past or too
much of the future. I would suffer and stumble around, but it
never seemed to be enough pain to make me change.

I decided I had to fix this so I made a conscious effort to
stay focused on the things I could have impact on right NOW. I
started living my life as an observer to "Me" living "Me" and
every time I was thinking in the past, I would ask myself what
is going on here? What is causing this distraction?

I found that nine times out of 10, fear was driving my
behavior. So, it seemed logical to me to eliminate fear. Itīs
called Letting Go and Letting Grow! What a concept!

That new concept helped and I am getting better at using my
mind as a tool rather than letting it run all over the place
doing next to nothing except running from fear or anxiety.

Now my mind is a tool instead of a runaway renegade so it all
makes for a more fulfilled life and Life is Good!

Wednesday, Jul 8 - 11:36 PM

I am finding that the more focused I am and the more I am
consciously doing my priorities, I am getting more
accomplished. It makes perfectly good sense to me. I know
that what people focus on is what they accomplish and I am not
any different in that regard. I know thatīs the way it works.

I guess my key is to stay focused on the right things for me so
my right results keep happening. And so it is.

Friday, Jul 10 - 10:04 PM

I get excited about what life has to offer and how I enjoy it
so much. Just knowing how to live life in a state of Peace
instead of one of turmoil, that is something to be excited
about. That is why I am excited because with many times and many
years of doing otherwise, it is a sweet thing to enjoy life on
an on-going basis and take it as it comes without all the
drama. Life is Good! I am truly grateful for that and I donīt
need drama either! :)

Saturday, Jul 11 - 11:48 PM

My minister said you donīt have to change your consciousness to
suit your circumstances. I sat there for a moment and began to
think about how powerful that is. It made me realize all
kinds of things I have done around my circumstances.

I have denied them and didnīt act on some things because I
didnīt want to hurt someone elseīs feelings while I became
victim myself. I have had rose-colored glasses on when I
really didnīt want to believe something or I couldnīt believe
they would do something like that or I wanted it all to be so
much different that I painted a different picture than what
reality was about things.

Sometimes I would ignore something because I didnīt want to
deal with it until the problem became so much bigger, I had to
take care of it whether I liked it or not. If I had handled it
when it first appeared, the problem would have been as big as
an ant hill instead of later becoming a mole hill.

These are things I have done for years, but not any more and
thatīs a very good thing. Now I hold the consciousness that I
will deal with things as soon as they come up instead of hoping
for them to change and I am saving myself a lot of frustration
in taking care of matters as they happen. That is too a very
good thing.

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