Monday, Aug 3 - 09:05 PM

I am doing a better job of paying attention to what is really
going on with me and other people as well. When I take off the
rose- colored glasses and get real, I can see a whole lot more.
Itīs not always what I want to see, but seeing the truth is
stronger than trying to side step it.

I am not side-stepping much of anything these days. I am
taking care of things as they need to be taken care of whether
I like the aggravation or not. I find the payoff to that
decision is that life is easier down the road by taking care of
things when they start rather than hoping they will change by
some miracle or take care of themselves.

I do believe in miracles, but for the more practical, I just
soon take care of it now rather than later. It makes for less
physical and emotional clutter. Clutter is energy draining and
I certainly donīt need any more of that either.

Tuesday, Aug 4 - 09:02 PM

I am not sure how it is that time keeps flying by so quickly.
Here it is almost ready for school for kids and college
students and then we'll be moving quickly into the fall.

I guess I must be having fun because I have heard it said many
times that time flies when you're having fun. Life is good and
I am truly grateful!

Thursday, Aug 6 - 10:38 PM

I find that life is challenging, interesting and fun! I like
to have fun whenever it is possible. I suppose it is a mindset
because I know a lot of life is not fun.

The way I figure it is as long as I stay out of denial about it
and stay real, I can make the best of it and I can make it fun.
Sometimes that's possible and sometimes it's not, but it is
often interesting and challenging to see how well I can make
that happen.

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