Monday, Sep 28 - 09:20 PM

I am really getting clear on the fact that whatever is
happening in my life is because of me and not much of anything
outside of me. I get to choose which direction I will be
going, I am responsible for those decisions.

There are two words that I am taking out of my personal

Mistakes and blame.

"Mistakes" is another name for lessons of truth to be learned
in my lifetime. I have finally learned that the less I resist
any regrets about those mistakes, the clearer my path is for
moving in a better direction.

It's almost like when there is no resistance on my part, I have
a clearer path for my Higher Self to talk to me and guide me
toward a better direction. My problem in the past was my
resistance was too high so my access to those great and
creative ideas was a lot less.

I don't plan to be doing that anymore. So here we go for a
pretty good ride. . . . .

Tuesday, Sep 29 - 08:55 PM

I can "blame" my parents for what they did or didn't do to me
or for me, but when I became an adult, I did have choice. If I
continued with habit patterns taught by them that did not serve
me well, I am still responsible for those decisions not them.

I find I don't have a hard time taking credit for all the good
things they taught me so I decided I needed to take the credit
for any of the not so good things they taught me as well. I
see I am responsible on all accounts.

What I find really interesting here is that it took me most of
my life to figure that out. I must be a slow learner. . . . ..

I find the truth of the matter is there is no blame out there
in the circumference of my life. All the responsibility lies
within me on the choices I have made and will make to live my
life. Inside the circle of my life is me--I'm responsible. I
get to choose.

Once I got that all straight, I wasted less time on things that
didn't matter. I have found that wasting time on things that
don't matter is getting me no where fast except for the lessons
of truth in them.

What fun it is to get this straight. I'll be dog gone. That's
a biggie for me. . . . .

Thursday, Oct 1 - 03:26 PM

Life is good. I am finding new adventure in new business
activities, finding new ways of doing things. I find that we
are living in the most interesting of times on the planet these

I am spending less time in my usual left brain, linear thinking
and purposely spending more time in my right brain creative
activities. It makes for living more peacefully in these most
interesting times. As I said, Life is Good and Getting Better!

Friday, Oct 2 - 11:17 PM

I am giving my mind a bath. I have reviewed things that have
happened in the past that caused me some concern and I have
noticed that I think more negatively than I used to about

I find there is a difference in being pragmatic and real
evaluating negative conditions, but that doesn't mean I have to
let those conditions impact my thinking into a negative path.

I have noticed that is exactly what I have been doing too much
of and I don't intend to continue that little number in my
life. I know I am perfectly capable of being real without all
my negative thinking surrounding it.

I know it takes a certain amount of discipline for me to remain
positive, but I know how to do that because for most of my life
I have been positive.

I intend to deal with the real facts in reality, but I don't
intend to be negative any more while I am doing it. I don't do
well with negativity of any kind. I never have and I doubt
that I ever will. It can sit there quite on its own for all I
care, but I don't have to sit there with it.

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