Tuesday, Oct 27 - 07:57 PM

I love the fall of the year because a lot of things come to a
completion and with completion comes new energy to try and do
some new things. It is stimulating to me to build new things.
I have always enjoyed building things--ships, airplanes,
plastic models of all kinds and hooking rugs with pretty
designs. In this light, things just don't have a chance to be
a drag and boring. Life is good and is exciting. Things in
the fall have lots of color and life has lots of colors as long
as I am noticing them and I am noticing them.

Wednesday, Oct 28 - 11:19 PM

I find that I am learning things about life that I should have
learned in my 20's, but for some reason just haven't learned
them until now. At least I can be excited about learning them
now rather than later or not learning them at all, but it is
interesting to watch.

I have been an observer watching me live my life for a long
time now and in so doing, I catch myself from making mistakes
in reliving old patterns. If I were not watching me live it to
catch the old patterns that no longer serve me today, I would
be living a whole different life and I don't think it would be
as enriched as it is if I were not doing that.

It's an interesting concept, but it is working quite well. I
am glad I discovered it because it makes for a lot of good
things in my life right now. Life is good and breaking old
patterns that flat out don't work makes my life a whole lot
better. For that, I am grateful.

Thursday, Oct 29 - 09:10 PM

It feels good to have the time and space to get more done. I
am finding that taking a few minutes to start a project whether
really wanting to finish it or not is a first grand step to
reaching a goal.

I am seeing that when I have 10,000 steps to go in order to
accomplish something, I am taking the baby steps that are
getting the whole project moving in the right direction. I
find that I am clearing clutter that is clearing energy that
allows me to get more done with less interference. It really
feels good and so it goes. .. .

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