Wednesday, Dec 9 - 10:17 PM

When I go to events, I end up helping people with their
problems and at the very least their concerns. I am glad I can
be of some help. I find that most of the problems I hear about
whether it is one on one communications or in sessions with
groups of people, there is a lot of fear going around and
relationships and good health are really being tested.

I sometimes struggle with some of these things myself and I am
grateful I have the tools to get through them and make things
work ok for me and those people I care about.

Life is good and getting better.

Thursday, Dec 10 - 07:26 PM

I asked God to forgive me today for being such a SNOT!! I was
in the middle of copying business files from my computer to a
1G flash drive and because it is something I so rarely do
myself, I was just noticing how incredible this technology is.
The technology we live in today is so incredible that I was in
awe over this simple little thing that took more than one
millennium to come to. For all of this I was so grateful.

Then my mind went to women around the world and the abuse that
is still going on hoping and praying that we donīt have to wait
for another millennium to pass us by before we get ALL human
rights issues on this WHOLE planet rectified.

I said right out loud, Father, Mother, God, PLEASE forgive me
for being such a SNOT! I said that because over many parts of
my life especially these last four years with concerns I have
had making sure my mother was safe and ok and other family
issues that spun off from that endeavor, I have been so sad,
depressed, worried, in a lot of fear around what has transpired
in my life and I was stopped dead in my tracks to realize "What
the Heck Are You Talking About Here?

Women just like me, children and men as well do not have
1000th of the wonderful things I have in my life that are
precious to me and so easily taken for granted. The simplest
example that comes to me is being able to take a hot shower at
any moment I want to in a warm home that I am fortunate to

I was looking at the very small concerns I really have
compared to the monumental problems that other people are faced
with like world hunger for a start and who am I to have worried
so much over the nonsensical things in comparison to the people
with far greater problems than I like I did. Just that one
thing and there are many more if I had the time to write them
down that I saw put me into the category of being a SNOT.

Well, all I say is NO MORE!! I am going to raise the bar
around here and LIVE JOY NOW! Itīs a little like Rev. Wendy
Purcell said in last weekīs message at The Unity Center, "Live
Joy Now!"

Friday, Dec 11 - 05:06 PM

I do believe that all that happens in my life happens for a
good reason. There is no doubt in my mind about that. Romans
8:28 always is a truth to listen to. Good things happen to
those who believe.

The perception here is in what good means. Whether I like it
or it feels good to me is not necessarily the reality of the
event. It could be something really good for me, but I don't
like it at all. It could be that it doesn't feel good to me
when it is going to happen for my higher good.

All the clutter that has erupted over the last few years was
all especially designed for me to find my own strength and
finally live my life from within instead of from without.

There is a way to raise kids to learn how to do that, but I
wasn't in that kind of an environment. Itīs a shame because I
had the work ethic down, but I didn't think enough of myself to
make, hold and maintain those resources like I might have. I
canīt do anything about that now as I know and do understand,
but sometimes it just doesn't make it any easier to carry.

I had a note along the way: I donīt need to know where people
are coming from and why-----they just are. You can lose your
identity in that kind of conviction and maybe that is why it
happened and I was suppose to find my own strength and power
and stop giving it away.

GIVING AWAY MY POWER-certainly not the way to live my life.

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