Tuesday, Jan 5 - 07:38 PM

Sometimes I have not been able to figure out why I can make
life so difficult so as to not live it in peace. I find it is
a little harder to do to remain centered when many different
things are coming at me that can easily cause stress. Then I
find that as I slowly deep breathe into my heart and slowly let
all the air go out through my heart, that it is a real stress

I learned how to do this from Dr. Childre's book, Transforming
Stress. I have found that in reducing stress, that everything
around me works pretty darn good so that is ok by me.

Wednesday, Jan 6 - 10:40 PM

This is an exciting time for me because I have cleared out a
lot of unfinished business from last year and am off and
running in our new year, 2010. The key to life for me this
year is living with balance while at the same time focusing on

There is less interference so I do intend to see that be a
pattern for living this year. Sounds like a good plan to me
that I can live with.

Thursday, Jan 7 - 07:08 PM

I spent a great deal of time at the end of last year thinking
through the things in my life that were working and those
things in my life that weren't. I unfortunately spent a lot of
time being aggravated about them and kicking myself for letting
some of those things happen.

I just went with that and tried my best not to get upset over
being upset. Sometimes that is easier to do than other times.
I think that has a lot to do with the level of distraction that
is going on in my life.

One thing I have done to deal with that a little bit is to
observe what is going on like I am an outside observer watching
me live it and watching me make my decisions to see where I am
coming from. As I observe the whole situation, I Just Notice.
I Just Notice.

I leave all the judgment out of it and keep doing the best I

Friday, Jan 8 - 05:37 PM

I have noticed that if I just take one thing at a time and
focus on that instead of trying to do so many things all at
once, I get more done, am more efficient, enjoy life more and
better things happen for me.

I can so easily allow myself to be distracted with all the
challenging things going on all around me and I find that no
matter what it is, so much of it is out of my control and when
I give up trying to control it, I end up not dealing with as
much of the downside of things.

The Zen Masters are right: detach. I know it to be true.
Detachment is a wonderful thing. It makes life easier to live
in joy.

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