Monday, Feb 1 - 09:44 PM

I was watching "Touched By An Angel" and one of the Angels said to someone who had a lot of complicated things going on in his life, "God never said it was going to be easy here on earth, but he did promise that it would be worthwhile."

That struck me as profound because I used to think that if I carried a positive mental attitude, I could attract more wonderful things into my life and I left out the part of those things in life that can cause so much sorrow, pain and aggravation.

Somehow just knowing that there is something worthwhile in it somewhere does have an encouraging note. That helps me feel better when not everything in my life is going ok. At least with that in mind, there is some value in it all somewhere and the somewhere is the good that I am learning from the experiences.

The lessons of truth from the tough times in life are the pearls that I really do appreciate. With that in mind, I find life to be good and worthwhile to me.

Tuesday, Feb 2 - 04:25 PM

I am learning in the groups of people that I am sharing time
with that we as a human race are dealing with a lot of our
preconceived ideas, beliefs, values, needs wants and concerns.
When it comes right down to it, it seems like for me and the
many people I know, we're all dealing with a lot of things that
are not resolved in an overnight event.

Life is an ongoing journey of growth and I am enjoying the
learning. I don't always enjoy the events, but I am truly
enjoying the learning. I find that when I have no need to
control something that everything around me happens in flow and
as I am more accepting, I find that I get out of my own way to
allow things to happen that I would have never guessed could
happen. Life is one miracle after another and for that, I am

Thursday, Feb 4 - 09:21 PM

I allow myself to express my own talents and I continue to
think creatively to help other people get from where they are
to where they want to be or want to go do or BE.

I enjoy being in that space where what I do and say makes a
difference in the lives of others as well as myself.

Saturday, Feb 6 - 06:35 PM

I am finding that some of my best friends are those who have
been a royal pain in the behind. I know it sounds like a
strange combination of thoughts, but when I realize what is
behind those thoughts, it is not strange at all.

I am learning the importance of caring for myself as much as I
do for others. For a multitude of reasons, I have not always
done that and for their sake and mine, I know that I must be
doing it now.

Choices, my choices dictate the direction my life has taken and
I am making better choices now in my life. For that, I am
truly grateful. Life is good!

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