Monday, Mar 8 - 08:01 PM

I am getting it real clear that my biggest job is self-control. I listened to a presentation today about that topic and I find
that discipline is a wonderful thing. With me, sometimes I
have it and sometimes I donīt, but I know that is a key factor
in my success in my personal life and my business.

If I donīt control what I eat and donīt consistently exercise,
then I will not drop weight. If I am focusing on sales and not
using self-control to make more calls, I am not making the

I find if I talk too much and listen too little, then I get
nowhere fast. The message today in the session was to do
everything in moderation. I am learning more about that. It
still remains for me that my key to life is balance. I want to
do more of it.

Wednesday, Mar 10 - 06:23 PM

I am seeing where simple disciplines can go a long way. I have
had a Chinese Internal Exercise Book for over 30 years and as
good as it is, I have yet to discipline myself into doing these
really good exercises consistently until now.

I am trying my best to learn that doing the simple disciplines
BEFORE the crisis comes is a key thing to my life. Letīs take
the eye exercises alone, just to pick one. I thought about
doing these over the last 2 years, but never brought myself
around to doing them.

Now I am doing the eye exercises every day. It takes about 20
minutes. Why did I not listen to that quiet little voice
inside my head 2 years ago? There was no crisis that would
motivate me to do it.

Now, I get to go take a specific eye exam and donīt know how
Iīll do, but because of that exam, I have started doing the
exercises. Wouldnīt it have been nice if I had done them 2
years ago. The eye exam might not have been required and if it
were, I would certainly be in a better place.

Thursday, Mar 11 - 01:44 PM

I am having fun plowing through lifelong personal treasures in
a couple hundred boxes that are out in my storage place and it
is amazing that some of this stuff has survived all these

My goal is to pitch as much as I can, but some of these
findings are very special to me and the fact that mold or
something else has not taken them over is a miracle in itself.

The second miracle is that as I pitch and toss the junk I had
and sort for Goodwill, I am clearing space for new found
energy. Getting started on this is like a big gorilla jumping
off my shoulders having put this off for so many years.

I am so glad I get to do this now. It is like a whole new door
is opening to more peace of mind in my life. I am finding out
for myself that less is MORE.

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