Tuesday, Jun 1 - 09:02 PM

I am willing to learn new things, change my approach in
business to be more current with what is going on today and I
am flexible. I have never experienced as much change as I have
experienced in my environment these days. I find that the less
I resist change, the better things go for me so I am glad that
I can and am willing to do that. It all makes for a good place
to be.

Wednesday, Jun 2 - 08:35 PM

Getting rid of all the clutter has its rewards. I am finding
treasures I had forgotten I had and that is fun. I am finding
more energy to do what I want to be doing. It is like energy
is released every time I get rid of another box.

Since this seems to be the case, I think IŽll just keep right
on going until I get it all cleaned up and enjoy what happens
with all of that. Life is good and getting better!

Thursday, Jun 3 - 03:01 PM

Life is a whole lot simpler for me when I am living it in
balance and listening to Eckhart Tolle staying present in my
mind to the ever present NOW. Even though I donŽt always
forget it, I find the only real good that thinking about the
past can do is to learn my lessons of truth. Otherwise, it is
a thought pattern that serves no real purpose.

That past is over and not thinking about it gives me an
opportunity to live more joy right here in the NOW. Life is
really good that way

Friday, Jun 4 - 06:59 PM

I am thrilled that my happiness is not based on what others do, think or feel. I really get it that my happiness comes from within me and I get to choose how I feel and act toward people, places and things as they show up.

I gave up trying to be a manager of the universe a long time ago and today I am glad that I turned that job over to someone else.  Life is very good and I am grateful for that.

Saturday, Jun 5 - 11:42 PM

I know now that emotions have more to do with stress than the
events that appear to be the stressors. When I know what
causes my stress, then I can better eliminate it. I am being
entertained with events that would normally cause me stress,
but because I know better what the origin is, there just is not
that much punch in them. Life is better without the stress and
I do like that.

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