Monday, Jul 5 - 03:18 PM

I feel like I am getting more accomplished because I have a
clearer vision of where I want to be going for my highest and
best good. Doing things for me first for a change is a
marvelous idea. I should have thought of it sooner. :)

What really amazes me is how much change can happen with such
a small shift in focus and perception. I know this is another
beginning for a whole lot of new in my life that is already
special and getting better everyday.

Tuesday, Jul 6 - 04:59 AM

Truth is truth no matter how you cut it and sometimes the truth
is not to my liking, but I find that my acceptance to what "is"
and really accepting it instead of fighting it goes a long way
to making things better and more enjoyable.

It is really all about how I hold information in my head. It
is up to me to not get sucked into the negative things that
happen around me and keep my thoughts around the more positive
aspects of things even when there is not that much to get
excited about.

I see that life is a matter of letting go and accepting what "is"
whether I like it or not. For me, that makes for better living
and more happiness.

Wednesday, Jul 7 - 03:48 PM

Sometimes I kid myself into believing what I want to believe
rather than what is reality. When I do that, I end up with the
short end of the stick and my life´s lessons just take a little
longer to get. So, I guess it is up to me to stay in reality
so I can have more accurate information to make decisions with,
thus a higher quality of life. I know it is up to me.

Friday, Jul 9 - 08:48 PM

The more I understand the truth about me and my life, the more
confidence I have to live a richer life. Living rich brings
more joy. Richer does not necessarily mean more money.

Living rich means many things: to me it means more peace and
satisfaction and having freedom to do what you want to do
rather than just what you have to do. It means joy and
happiness around those things that cause that to happen.

Life is good, but it is up to us to do our part to make that
happen. I am doing my best to make that happen and it is
happening. I guess that is a good thing.

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