Monday, Aug 2 - 04:22 PM

As the old saying goes, if it is going to be, itīs up to me. I
love to learn new things and do new things. I get excited
about learning. To me, that makes life fun. Sometimes I just
think about all the miracles that are at our fingertips and
when I think about it, our miracles are endless.

Sometimes I think I need to be more prepared to accept all of
them. Maybe itīs all about the willingness to accept more
magnificence. If it is, I think Iīll see what more I can do
about that.

Wednesday, Aug 4 - 09:48 PM

I know I have a choice in my reactions to things. If I think
before I react, more often than not, I donÂīt have to react at
all. This makes for less stress and more results in my world
and I am glad that I figured that out. It helps a lot and my
life is a whole lot simpler with this approach to things. I am
really glad I figured that out because less stress in my life
is a very good thing.

Thursday, Aug 5 - 05:05 PM

I celebrate life because in all its good and not so good, it is
good. I find that no matter what is happening whether it is
something I am excited about or not, I am able to figure out
its value. Sometimes it is harder to do than at other times,
but all I have to do is give it all some thought and the value
of the experience is there. Life is good in spite of itself.

Friday, Aug 6 - 02:43 PM

I find that my life is great when I manage to get myself out of
the way. I know first hand that I am not the manager of the
universe and that is an understanding that has taught me when
to let go of things and when to hang on and not give up.

I like what Ghandi said:

"You can stay out of danger by knowing when to quit."

I know now when to quit better than I have ever known before
and I am. Quitting, that is.

Saturday, Aug 7 - 08:17 PM

I find myself distracted a lot lately. There are too many
things going on that I seem to think I need to fix or do
something about when in fact I donīt really need to fix
anything. The main thing I need to do is get my priorities
straight and focus on what is the most important and continue
to execute a plan and simplify everything around me to keep the
momentum going.

I find I am much more relaxed and concerned about fewer details
so life gets simpler when I do that and I am grateful for
seeing the power in that. Anyway, life is good and thatīs

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