Tuesday, Sep 7 - 04:02 PM

It is taking me less time to do more things better because my
focus is more on target. The difference between my productive
days and my more non- productive days is whether my focus is on
the mark or not. When I get the petty nonsense out of my way,
it is amazing what I can accomplish.

I love to get a lot done while having fun along the way. I
think I could call it balance and it feels good.

Wednesday, Sep 8 - 06:05 PM

I am finding that more and more disturbances going on around me
bother me less and less. It took me a long time to get there,
but somehow I have finally landed in that space of accepting
what is going on around me instead of fighting the issues.

Since there is no battle going on around me, I have more energy
to do what I need to be doing for me. That seems to be serving
me quite well. I am paying more attention to how I am holding
information in my head relative to what is going on around me.
If I try to control it, it certainly seems to have a way of
controlling me and if I donÂīt try to control it, it seems to
have a way to working itself out.

I think that is the way of the universe. I feel like I am
learning more about that just about every day. A little like
the Buddha would say, I find that when I detach from things
that used to matter, I experience less suffering.

For most of my life I couldn't figure out what would keep the
monks from being bored silly. Now, I know more of how
magnificent and powerful that kind of silence can be. It
creates more space to live more fully. I find it very
interesting. . . . . .

Friday, Sep 10 - 09:25 PM

I was watching Oprah interview Tom Cruise and he said an
interesting thing that I think I need to do more of and that
was if things are going wrong, donīt live in it. I have done
this both ways and lately I see that I have been living in it
too much. So that has fast become one of my goals to not be
living in it when I am going over any bumpy roads in my life.
Sounds like a plan. I know I can do better at that.

Saturday, Sep 11 - 02:20 PM

I am in the middle of learning a lot, helping people a lot and
volunteering at my church which is always a win and win. Life
is good and I so appreciate that. I have found the best thing
I can do for myself is to keep focused on what is important
right now and not let my mind take off on me. When I can
continue to do that, life takes on a whole new meaning and it
is a very good thing.

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