Monday, Dec 6 - 06:28 PM

I know that the key to life is balance and I am glad I know a
lot more about it now than I used to know. I am doing a much
better job of balancing my life between work, rest and play. It
does make for more joy and more joy is all right by me.

Tuesday, Dec 7 - 03:47 PM

There are many good things in my life and for all of them, I am
grateful. As a matter of fact I am grateful for all the things
in my life that don't always appear to be good things since
that is where most of my learning comes from which is one of
the reasons I am on this earth right now attending Earth

Sometimes I get an A and sometimes I don't for delivered
results, but either way, I am still learning. It is all the
learning that I am grateful for. Life is good and I suppose
can even get better.

Wednesday, Dec 8 - 08:59 PM

I am on an interesting journey of evaluating my life and its true meaning. I find it interesting how blind I have been to truths that I thought were true when they were not. People and their tactics donīt surprise me as much any more. Realities that I at one time would not think at all possible, but in reality they are. At the very least, life can really be quite surprising sometimes.

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