Monday, Jan 3 - 07:32 PM

I find it fascinating how simple life can be when I get myself
out of the way. The time off through the holidays this year
has helped me to clear away a lot of the fog that has been in
my life over the last decade. The open door to better living
has been there all along. I just didn't see how to walk
through it. What a beautiful sight it is! I like that. I can
dance with that. Talking about dancing. . . . .hmmmmmmm!! :)

Tuesday, Jan 4 - 01:46 PM

I am finding that without a doubt in focusing on the present
moment, moment to moment, I get a whole lot more accomplished
in my work. My personal happiness is certainly on the upside
when I do that and my life is a whole lot better relative to my
ability to do that.

I have my big hour glass in my home office to remind me that
the sand going through the middle of the hour glass is where
the action is, therefore, that is where my life is. So, I am
doing better at staying in the now. Life is so much more
enjoyable for me doing that.

Wednesday, Jan 5 - 06:30 PM

I look around me and I see that life is not easy. I realize
that life was not meant to be easy, but as they said on Touched
by an Angel, it is worthwhile. That is exactly what I am
finding. No matter what is going on to my liking or my
dislike, it is ALL worthwhile. It's a freeing place to be and
I think I am more free right now than I have ever been. It's a
good thing. I think I'll keep it for me. . . . .

Friday, Jan 7 - 10:33 AM

I am getting rid of all my extra clutter laying around and that
makes for a lot more freed up energy. I find life to be more
pleasant with less clutter and being more organized. I am
making a point to take care of things right as they come up
rather than waiting until later. That whole approach to
everything takes a lot less effort too. Less effort to me
means more fun and I like fun.

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