Monday, Jun 6 - 09:10 PM

I find that life is such an adventure especially when I am paying attention. Adventure meets for no boredom and living with excitement.  At the very least, it is all very interesting!

I was noticing all the birds having such a good time today.  I love to listen to the birds.  There is just something about all their chirping that makes life so much worthwhile.  It's like they are singing me a special song when I hear them.

Tuesday, Jun 7 - 10:32 PM

I find it very freeing to be cleaning out a lot of clutter from the past to create more space for more wonderful things to come into my life.  Clearing out the old is refreshing and finding the new good  is even more fun.  Life is good
and getting better!

Wednesday, Jun 8 - 07:23 PM

I find that some things never change.  I am going through boxes that have been stored for many years finding notes that in some cases I wrote 30 years ago.  More often than I would like to see, my comments back then were identical to my comments today.

Comments like:

I wish I could get more organized.
I wish I could be more efficient.
I run out of time before I run out of things to be done.
I need to do better planning etc. etc.


I need to rethink my priorites so I do the most important things first so all the important things do actually get done.  I know I can change this with a little more commitment.

Thursday, Jun 9 - 11:02 PM

I find that  my life is a never-ending expansion of truths and experiences. I can see where growth has something to do with infinity. I believe that's what I love about life the most are the lessons of truth to be learned and then applied to the next phase of my life. I observe me being a knowledge-seeker and I enjoy the journey observing that and making that happen on an on-going basis.

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