Tuesday, Sep 13 - 08:54 PM

I am being reminded by Deepak Chopra that the quality of your attention will determine the quality of your results. With something that simple and something I have known for many years, you would think I could remember that and do it everyday of my life.

Somehow, I am noticing I am NOT doing that every day of my life so I have to ask myself the question, "Why am I not? Sometimes that is puzzling because there is no real reason for me to be that distracted when I am and other times I am not distracted at all. I just stay focused and it makes getting results a whole lot easier.

I intend to have a focused, listen to my Inner Knower and keep going from there. All is well interestly enough.

Wednesday, Sep 14 - 12:57 PM

Life is good and exciting when I keep remembering that if my attention to things is fragmented, then my results are fragmented as well. So, I am really paying attention these days with a strong focus on what's important as my priorities.

For most of my life, I have found it difficult to put myself in front of other's needs, but I understand now that if I don't, there is less of me available to help them which has been my intent. Funny how that works, but that is what I am finally getting.

I think it all has something to do with low self-esteem vs sound self-esteem. At least, I am learning. . . . . :)

Thursday, Sep 15 - 10:12 AM

I am calmly witnessing my life, noticing my life and enjoying the magnificence of my life. I am learning how to stay away from the confusion and chaos that surrounded me at times when I just wasn't too sure which way to go.

I have noticed that since I have changed my mind about a lot of things, I am not experiencing the same kind of negative energy I have been surrounded with at times. Life is good and I intend to keep it that way.

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