Wednesday, Oct 5 - 03:17 PM

One of my priorities has always been to have fun in my life and in my business. I find that the more decisive I am in my life, the easier it is to have more fun. Confusion is not fun for me, but having a clear vision is.

Thursday, Oct 6 - 10:38 PM

I am finally getting it that I have little control over what goes on in my world. I find if I focus on taking care of the cause of what I want to see happen, the effects are more likely to happen. When the results of those efforts are there, I can be happy and I have learned how to be happy even when the results are not there.

Friday, Oct 7 - 09:53 PM

I am finding to the degree I can throw away any frustrations, stressors and things in the past that created problems for me, I can be more creative and productive in all that I do now. I know that thoughts are in front of all necessary changes in my life that will continue to make me happy.

Exercising those positive thoughts is my job and I am doing a better job than I was. It also keeps me out of unnecessary fears that are the greatest paralyzer I know of to a happy existence which is where my real interests lie.

Saturday, Oct 8 - 09:55 PM

While looking at my world differently, I find it easier to look at.  As I find it easier to look at, I find a lot more peace.  With more peace, I feel more free. So, I guess that means if I look at my world differently, I will find more freedom and I already have. . . . .

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