Wednesday, Nov 2 - 05:02 PM

I am paying attention to life and trying my best to change what isnīt working as well as it could and being grateful for what is working really well. I see life as happening with itīs upīs and downīs and I am learning how to stay happy in both arenas. I find that being in that mindset gives me more freedom than I have experienced in the past.

Thursday, Nov 3 - 03:11 PM

I am reflecting on what my life is all about.

It is full of surprises, less than I expect it to be and more than I imagined at times, complicated if I can't see its bigger meaning, sad if I let it be, happy if I see it that way, challenging if I am not on top of my game, tiring if I misunderstood my capabilities, overwhelming if I plan too much, under-exciting if I don't see its beauty, incredibly rewarding when I am ready to receive its magnificence, scary if I don't get help, worthwhile in all its splendor, enriched with many wonderful things and people I care about, spiritual at its best, earth school with many lessons of truth I get to continue to learn, and fascinating to watch as an observer watching me live it. All very interesting. . . . . . .

Friday, Nov 4 - 11:28 PM

I am tired, not moving very fast right now, kind of melancholy and thatīs ok. I am just taking it easy and going one step at a time. I realize we move in different cycles and some are slower than others. I am glad I slow down once in a while and be more reflective. It helps to stay on focus on whatīs important in my life.

Saturday, Nov 5 - 10:35 PM

I know when I get me out of the way with all my worries and concerns about my life, I find that doors start opening and ideas just pop up. This is a consistent occurrence for me so youīd think I would catch on faster about this being a success system in life to practice on an on-going basis.

For some reason, I donīt always do that and it costs me time, energy and sometimes money to find out that worry, concern and fear usually donīt serve a positive purpose. They just get in the way.

So my goal is to fear less and live more.

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